Thursday, June 21, 2007

The mantra steps to challenging an organisation

  1. Put pen to paper.
  2. Don't await a response. (They will simply wish you didn't exist and will hope you will like go away.)
  3. Put pen to paper and await a response.
  4. You might get a response.
  5. Await to see a Senior Officer.
  6. Decline the offer to meet initially.
  7. Be prepared to be ordered to meet the Senior Officer and show some courtesy whilst at it.
  8. Attend the meeting with a friend, preferably Thin Blue Line or UNPC or Simon Says. If you take in Noddy be prepared to note that they might not understand what Loon means nor anything you say. (And Loon means something in Scottish.)
  9. At the meeting tell "them" how you feel. Expect to repeat yourself as they "um" and "arr". Repeat yourself further.
  10. At the conclusion of the meeting be prepared to say, "Yes Sir, no Sir, three bags full Sir." Finally, expect no change. So go home. Invite your buddies and have a beer!


Twining says: said...

Jesus, Thin Blue Line, you have mastered this mantra I see, from your own blog entry. Great minds think alike. Yours is a great mind, and mine is equal!

Minty said...

Twining, you need to get wit it. Steps 1 & 3 should be completed by e-mail!

Twining says: said...

Minty, you, welcome to my life! You mean if we completed steps 2 and 3 by email we would get a response! Wow!

Minty said...

No, I meant do it the 21st centuary way..... and still get ignored! Well that's what happens where I work!

halfords sat nav said...

Great mantra the first step is so important.