Thursday, September 28, 2006

Promises promises

In the twilight years
Since 1993 you’ve given us hope,
You’ve given us promises,
You’ve given us words indicating we are free.

And on the eve of the ‘secret’
You got together again,
You met in private, uttered words,
"shh, remain quiet."
And the next day,
All hell let loose.
You quivered briefly,
But then you thought,
" Let’s continue to play,
this hide and seek."
Yet again you made plans.
Even after all this evidence you said,
"This cannot be real,
It’s not possible, it’s not us."
I said, " Look carefully,
But you will never feel,
This to us is bloody and real.
Asian people are hated."

It affects me,
It affects my children,
and my family.
You looked on in amazement,
Your gaze said it all,
Once again I could see,
Your blindness was surreal.
Why then, I wonder,
Did you ask me my thoughts?
If after all, you rejected them,
Just as you do my cause.
Look within and you might see,
The real reason you abuse, our ethnicity,
From waiting outside your offices in silence,
To your rise,
I can see,
That your real priority, is you,
Not me.
So I say, "believe me,
Those promises you gave,
In years gone by,
those strategies, those actions,
And you yourself,
You are weak."
Whilst Black is a colour, a feeling,
A reaction,
Black is Black,
White is White.
A year later you asked a colleague their thoughts, and with incivility you again
Rubbished my walk.
See; race equality inside the police,
Your defenition of freedom,
Is just freaked.

Nothin - Getting real with Forces and the BPA, (2005)

So get real you folks,
Start telling the truth,
Stop selling out and being so uncouth.

The Black Police Association,
I got a message for you.
u think I’m dumb,
well I ain’t no fun.

But Chair,
what is it that you are doing?
Screwing them,
Licking ass,
Looking after yourself,
is just your beginning.

And what I see ,
is White in Black,
A Coconut, that’s you,
You ain’t Black.
You sell your colour,
You sell your image,
For personal gain,
And this so called "new beginning"!

After all of this,
Just ask your self,
You think we’re free,
No, not really.

What have you done for those little boys,
Stephen, Michael and Ricky.

The Force, listen up, I have a message for you.
The middle and senior managers,
your "ice" that I have bitten.
You think your cool.
But Actually you’re the "racist" fool.

You use us, you lose us,
And then you abuse us,
You even play games to diffuse us.
But what have you done,
For those little boys,
Stephen, Michael and Ricky.


They fly up the ranks

What an interesting day I have had. Not! I saw one of the managers that froze me out of a post. I felt awful, but not scared. Why should I fear a racist and a bigot? I didn't avoid them. But I have nothing worthwhile to say to people like that.

Interestingly this very same manager, on a recent training course about race, froze the trainer at two very critical points during a course. You see, they are so clever, they don't need the training. What qualifications have they really got?

Oh no, but as Black officers when we say that these people are racists, we cannot be right can we? Oh no, we've got it totally wrong. It's our emotions you see. We can't provide facts. We just seem to have a chip on our shoulders and we use our hands as if we are hunting in the jungle. And we don't speak English either, we speak Jibberish African innit. We can't even write reports apparantly.

See, it is not only my view that this manager is a racist. One wonders what damage this person has done to race in their career if this is how badly they treat Black officers? But does this persons manager really care what two Black officers might say?

And why is it that the organisation cannot see the harm that individuals like this do? A blessing might be that the officer retires soon, but not until they have boosted their pension a little further........ You know so that they are secure and so their family is like secure. So they can send the kids to private schools. You know what I mean, a few pennies here and there will help these racist colleagues. They might even get promoted before they retire and that would add a bonus. Great! It's Ok, a qualification for promotion in most Forces is to be a racist and a bully. "Yep, you'll do, we'll promote you. Your a bit like me aren't you?"

Or they might even be given a job in policing. They could of course civilianise their own role, eh-hum. And write the criteria for the role, have it advertised externally, eh-hum, etc. Not that those external candidates would be at a disadvantage! Oh no, not at all. They wouldn't even know about it. Their manager might even then interview them. Of course the police service of today that has harnessed race equality and diversity would not allow these sorts of things would it? Think again. Bye........................

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Black in BLue

This won't just be about race and police. It will be about alot of things! I want to perhaps keep my identity hidden. And I will try and do this. What do people need to know? I am a serving police officer. My rank is irrelevant I guess. That's all people need to know about me. There is not a day go by when I am not reminded by someone or another that I am different, but different in what way? Inside the police service difference is viewed as a threat to the current hierarchy. But why is difference deemed a threat? The hierarchy is top heavy and anyone that says that people can progress on merit is mistaken. Tokens are promoted!. There is still a face fit syndrome. If your face fits, you progress, if your face doesn’t you don't progress. It's as simple as that. But looking at the hierarchy, some of these fools seem to promote a like. In other words they promote someone that actually resembles themselves. Shocking but true and not nice! And so, really where are we? If the top half is a bit like their predecessors, God help us. So lets us see what we can make of this blog as we develop race and policing in this country further. Don't get me wrong, there is some way to go, but to blame the rank and file is not the answer. On the one hand we have Black officers in power, that are happy in their cushy numbers, and are actually subservient to their Masters just as long as they are given an office and a monthly pay cheque. These Black officers are sell-outs, they have no concept or understanding, but they allow the organisation to use them. Yuk, but true. Then there are those colleagues that keep their head down and just get on with it. They acquiesce, but are unlikely to change the issue of race. Their choice I guess, but what do they do for Black people? Zilch. Then there are those that Sivanandhan would class as the "Liberators" of freedom. As for some in the NBPA? Some really do suck and do they dirty work of racist organisations! And the NBPA, is as corrupt as a White organisation allows it to be. Here's to some good writing.