Friday, January 26, 2007

Some new protocols in race and diversity

The Home Office – a leaked paper, (Jan 2007).

  1. The new "A" team is to be formally adopted by the Right Honourable John Reid to kick the butt of Mcnulty and er the Home Office. Big fella and Myth Peeler sent undercover, Myth assumed he was to end up under cover with a nice lady! Panda keeps eyes on Myth. Mrs Myth not happy.

  2. Twining’s gong awards rank amongst the best awards in the World as Oscar nominees begin Black market in Twining gongs. PC Southwest given the task of gong master.

  3. Police Review are offering an award to charity if information leads to the identification of Twining. Ooo! Bizzie liasing with Police Review and sending them off in a spin.

  4. ACPO is offering a promotion, and if this person passes go, they can collect £100K, for identifying Twining. Inspector G arranging new rights to develop a board game about policing.

  5. Today Dr Sentamu was employed as race advisor to Sir Ian Blair on handshaking - or not! Dr Sentamu’s first advice to the Metropolitan Police Commissioner – "Move over." Later the same day the Commissioner it is led to believe immediately sacked Dr Sentamu for not identifying Twining. Ooo! Dr Sentamu re-employed as advisor to Twining. Sergeant says and DC form a partnership with Dr Sentamu and welcome him with a bottle of Whisky.

Twinings cup of tea - not!

Erm well I am upset today and i told Franky so and Big fella. I was invited to a do, just some Black colleagues chilling out. I couldn’t go. Why? It just didn’t feel right, one of the officers there is an incompetent on the NBPA. He is a part of the problem of racism, he took a Black colleagues legs and he has left us way behind in race relations. He is a nodding dog when it suits him and when it doesn’t he barks, but the organisation uses nodding dogs. Some of the Black colleagues are good, but some refuse to stand up. Not my cup of TWINING’s tea I am afraid. And everyone walks around as if nothing has happened. So, I have cleared my conscience, I would rather associate with good police officers like DC, and Franky and Political police and bizzie and panda and Myth and erm Sergeant says and Inspector G of course. Ohh and extraspecial. These are my friends. And big fella.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The "A" Team arrives in Hertfordshire

The saga continues. The A Team arrive at the BB house just before Jade is due to be evicted. Everyone is in the big van when Twining starts to talk.

Twining: Inspector G we're here.

Inspector G: You don't say.

Twining: Honestly boss we're on the same side. We're here.

Inspector G: Right Southwest and Myth, let Davina do the talking bit, then collect Jade. Don't arrest her; just bring her to the van. Twining you go with them and explain to Davina that we are going away. Extraspecial keep the van well hidden. Let’s go.

Twining: OK you two, Myth and Southwest, this is no time for cards. Let's go. There she is, she's talking to Davina.

Davina: Who are you?

Twining: Black in Blue, we are going to deal with Jade. It's our issue now. (Southwest grabs Jade and Myth smiles as they escort her to the awaiting Inspector G. Davina is gobsmacked.)

Twining: Jade we need to talk about what's been happening.

Jade: I know. Bawl!

Twining: Extraspecial open the van doors. Get the flipchart ready. There you go Jade, in you go. (The interview commences.) Where is Bloggs?

Bloggs: I'm writing my memoirs.

Twining: Not now Bloggs. Interview with me and Jade NOW!

Bloggs: But.

Twining: Jade what happened?

Jade: I dunno, she did my ead in. And then it was Jo and Danielle. That Shilpa is a fake you know.

Twining: What do you mean?

Jade: She's a man.

Twining: (Gets the flip chart roll out)

Jade: Are you going to hit me?

Twining: No, but you are a bully and there were some racial undertones.

Jade: What are they?

Twining: Jade, what have I written here? Read it.

Jade: Jade is a bully. That's what you've written. I'm so sorry. I really am. Is my career affected?

Twining: What career?

Jade: Bawl! You mean I will lose my fame and money?

Twining: Probably. Bloggs?

Bloggs: Yes Serge?

Twining: Get off that blinking computer.

Inspector G: How is it going?

Twining: Boss, OK. Shall I give her the award now?

Inspector G: You mean a TWINING gong?

Twining: Yeah!

Inspector G: Ooh OK.

Twining: Jade you are duly awarded a Twining gong for a lack of respect to race innit. You will go to India with us. You will learn about culture. And you will not be a bully. Do I make myself clear?

Jade: You mean I got an award?

Twining: Shut up......Open the doors, let her out.

Inspector G: Right, everyone in, give her the gong and let's go.

Twining: Jade, this gong is for you, Jo and Danielle. We think your argumentative and as we have said, a bully, but then so are Jo and Danielle.

Jade: You mean intelligent.

Twining: See you. Bloggs come on, shut that damn computer. Southwest Oi, and Myth, get your eyes off of Davina.

Twining: (Calls his Chief) Sir, are you there?

Chiefsy: yes TWINING.

Twining: Mission accomplished.

Chiefsy: Tell Gadget I love him. And by the way you and your team are going to India with Jade. Over and out.

Friday, January 19, 2007

The "A" Team head to Hertfordshire

I am learning from Bloggs. I was summonsed and this is what happened:

Chief: Twining we need you to go to Hertfordshire. We have a problem.

Twining: We do? OK boss, it's Big brother right?. Who do I take with me?

Chief: Shhh, don't tell everyone. Pick your team.

Twining: Er OK, I want Bloggs interviewing with me, Inspector G to oversee this and I want to be able to check things out with Frankyfact and Southwest.

Chief: I grant you your wish. Can you sort this for me? For the service? For Britain. For the World.

Twining: Boss. We the A team will do our best. Just for you that is.

Chief: No one must know.
(It's Ok i though hmm I won't tell anyone who Inspector G is! Because I don't know who he is myself and we shall all be wearing batman, robin and batwoman outfits.) So off we went, all of us. Southwest drove the van, Inspector G was ready at the helm of the van, whilst I sat in between the two. In the back of the van was Frankyfact and Myth Peeler had somehow got a ride. WT I thought...With tape machine and pen board in the van, and additional flip charts we made our way to Hertfordshire. Adorning fans of Inspector G laid flowers at his feet, this being an old Indian custom. Mr Man's wife was there! The ladies loved Southwest, some even loved Bloggs, and Frankyfact and Myth Peeler were like two coiled dogs. But no one knew me, Black in Blue, no one knew me!

Monday, January 15, 2007

Institutional Racism and Big Brother

All, I wanted to discuss here what I was seeing on big Brother and link it to Institutional Racism and the way racism operates. This is not about saying everyone in the police service is racist, but identifying where group behaviour causes racism and how it is institutionalised in the behaviour of others.

Let's talk about Shilpa in BB. Interestingly, this Bollywood lady is glamorous, intelligent and beautiful. Jermaine said it a few days ago, she was the only lady of colour in the BB house, and he was the only man of colour.

I have time for Jermaine, he is a nice guy and he has not slagged anyone off. Let's talk about the others, shall we? Jade's mum Jackie took an instant dislike to Shilpa. To Jackie, Shilpa was an Indian. Oh! Jackie was rude, aggressive and pretty nasty, and then she got booted.

Jade cried, and never once spoke to Shilpa, and her demeanour towards Shilpa also changed; yet she admitted that Jackie had been nasty to Shilpa! But suddenly now that Jackie had been evicted, Jade is adamant on getting her own back on Shilpa.

Now, let's talk about the girls, shall we? Danielle doesn't really want to get off her backside, but she does want to criticise Shilpa when Shilpa cooks at 4pm. (Attitude). Not only that, just to show us, how nasty she really is, she comes out, tells Jade and Jo, she is going to have a go at Shilpa, has her go and goes back in, only to rant on about it. A nice cocktail of culture.

So between the three of them, they think Shilpa is false. Eh-hum, I think Shilpa is one of the most genuine people there, together with Dirk and Jermaine. So ladies your bullying culture is a bit out of order. I have to say, seeing what I have seen; I don't like Jackie, Jade, Danielle nor Jo.

I do like Cleo, Carole, Dirk, Shilpa and Jermaine. The first group is collusive, and intolerant. They sit on their backsides and slag others off. Interestingly also, Jermaine is keeping an eye on Shilpa, he is looking after her, as is Dirk. And then there's the insignificant fool, Jade's boyfriend, Jack, who I think called Shilpa, a f---ing PAKI. Nice one mate you just showed your true colours!

He just seems to go alone with Jade. Jodie Marsh and Jermaine have eluded to this; She is Black, and beautiful; it’s funny how racism creeps out in an institution such as BB. You can tell that Ian, (H), feels what is going on also.

Now, there was also the incident where Shilpa walked in with bleach on her face and they talked amongst themselves and said, Shilpa shaves. I can tell you that Shilpa does not shave her face. She looked pretty cute with all tat bleach on her face. Then they asked her and giggled, as to whether she had a big hairy nose. (Attitude).

This is about getting together, making someone feel different, talking behind that person’s back, name calling, being aggressive and driving someone to tears. The girls clearly don’t like Asian and Oh yes, she added all those onions to the noodles! Oh deary me, they don't do that in Essex do they, it must be an Indian thing, cooking!

Well, get off your backside Danielle, you did after all, eat the noodles, and then slag Shilpa off to your mates! Not only that but in a one to one, you denied the slagging off to Shilpa. Yet, Shilpa could feel the vibes.

I like Shilpa...She is accepting of others. Some of the others can't even be tolerant let alone be accepting of Shilpa. I think there are many police officer's who would say some of the house mates here are out of order, and most would refer to Jack as an incompetent fool, as a bit of a sheep, a follower and Jade and Danielle would be our leaders, and frankly they are poor leaders, just as some of our leaders in policing are poor leaders.

Update: 16/01/07: Anonymous I am sorry that you feel that I am seeking out race. You may have a point but, the fact is genuine officers have taken Forces to tribunal in the hope of Justice. All they have received is heartache, lies, collusion, and a fight. They have been damaged by racism. Unless it affects you it doesn't affect you. And the Asian chap who talked up the racism was also out of order. The service is in denial. As for Shilpa: I don 't know her personally LOL. My wife would kill me. I like your humour though anonymous. Ofcom have received 300+complaints about bullying and the fact that Shilpa is different is a reason for the manner in which she is being bullied. India being up in arms was my humour, but The Times of India are not happy. Erm and as for Danielle, yes Indian people are ill and skinny because they spew up, because the chicken is in the oven for only an hour. Der! Some Indians are vegetarian. Oh yes, and as for eating with one's fingers. When most people got to Indian restaurants that is the way to eat Indian food, one uses the Naan bread to sweep up the curry. Jade has been dropped from an anti bullying campaign. I wonder why. In this group who has the power, anonymous? I don't have to hide my views. Franky and Southwest and Extraspecial thank you for being honest. The one's that bring BB and the police into disrepute are the ones in denial and the ones that collude. I am in neither of those groups. Which one are you in anonymous?

Week 3 Gong goes to....wait for it....

McNulty. Oops a little late, but better late than never. Week 3's gong for RESPECT to diversity innit goes to Mcnulty for (1) Having a really unusual erm 70's hairdo, (2) for not knowing what he does for a living, (3) for his association with the NBPA leadership faculty. Both are as economical with the truth as each other in order to hide the truth and (4) for telling porkies. Mcnulty I am afraid you are this weeks "gong". You have been Twining'd good and proper. Mr Reid fire him please....

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Mcnulty goes - yipee!

A Press release leaked from ACPO in relation to the Home Secretary, dated 11/01/07.

"ACPO forwarded to Mr Mcnulty genuine concerns regarding offenders residing in the UK that have been convicted of serious crimes, (e.g. paedophiles, and sex offenders), and the concern that with the lack of a joined up system between international states and this country, and the required sharing of intelligence, that the system was considered flawed. This report was brought to the attention of Mr Mcnulty as a result of the ongoing work following the Soham murders. ACPO will not negotiate any settlement that the report was never submitted. A sustained plan including funding was put forward. Unfortunately the Home office rejected the paper."

There then follows a conversation between Mr Reid and Mr Mcnulty

R: "Why was I not informed when I asked?"
M: "Well, erm, diddle. I did respond to ACPO diddle, but I didn’t want to give them any funding, diddle."
R: "Are you listening to me?"
M: "Yes, well, no, yes, whatever."
R: "Well?"
M: "Does this mean I’m fired?"
R: "If you don’t have a good answer, yes."
M: "What about my secretary?"
R: "She’s fired too. Is there anything else you want to share with me?"
M: "I don’t like you. I don’t like Blair. I am converting."
R: "Incompetent fool. I should have fired you earlier." 5 minutes later the window to Dr Reid's office was smashed as a brick was thrown from outside. The brick just missed the Home Secretary's head. (The Home secretary was heard muttering something in Scottish, but no one coul understand it.) A Home office witness working for the Home Secretary described the suspect as a white male, in his 50's, with funny glasses, a silly smile and curly hair, (Mcnulty?). Further enquiries are ongoing.

Revised police policy on police emails

Please circulate this memo to all officers and police staff within this said Force, er now. What are you waiting for?

Revised policy on official emails
  1. Emails sent by police employees using police computers will hence forth become the property, of the Force, or precisely, myself, the Chief Constable. This revised amendment is amended to protect the human rights of myself, the Chief Constable, and my peers . ( The oppressed might be liable under The new ammendment to the Theft Act 1968 incorporated in the TWINING ACT 2007. )

  2. Emails highlighting poor working practices will not be circulated to DC, Insp G, PC Bloggs, or any other blog writers, or any tabliod newspaper or police review. No, no no.

  3. Any person found to be in contravention of the revised policy will be dealt with via the new misconduct/misfortune/theft codes, (that I have written just and which I will circulate laters).

  4. This revised policy here-with the consent of ACPO now applies to all 43 Forces. All chief constables will have the same jurisdiction as myself.

Dated: 11/01/07

Chief Constable Twining,


Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The first generation

I was with my dad the other day, he would be classed as first generation. He left East Africa in the late 1960's to come here, just before Edi Amin shocked the world with his hatred. My dad arrived with just a suitcase. We soon followed. He saved tremendously so we had a future. He supported all his brothers and sisters and helped them settle. Not once has he asked for a penny from any of his family. That is his legacy.

As my dad, was taking me from one part of Central london to Palmers Green, he took me through the back roads avoiding the A406. He knew the roads like the back of his hand.

Lacking in confidence I said, "Dad I am lost, where do I got, straight on right." He said, "Yes." Then he said, "You are not lost, we grew up here, we have walked these roads, the bus cost 15 pence but back then we didnt have enough money to catch a bus so we have walked these roads."

When I look back on what this generation has achieved, I know for a good few years, he and his friends would walk alot. The energy that this generation has is something we are struggling oursleves to aspire to. God bless them.

Even now, sometimes I look at people coming to this country from abroad and I see what my dad means. I often see these families walking alot. Now I know why.

Some of these people are here on work contracts, and unlike us will never settle for good here. They will return to India or wherever. Look at IT, and you will see many people being brought across from India. Look around, because some of these individuals do not know British culture, and those extremists amongst society will exploit these people, so they are pretty vulnerable.

So wherever we as police officer's have these incoming groups, by keeping our eyes and ears open in relation to migration and settling trends we can provide a positive reassurance presence. And we do that by just being there and smiling. In amongst all this talk I realised my dad and mum, who are in their 80's now, make good sense to me.

The name Twining...What does it mean?

I am so glad that the likes of PC Southwest, PC Bloggs, aInspector G himself, David Coulthard, oops, I meant David copperfield, extra special, Sergeant says, and others have taken the time to read some of my thoughts. Race and diversity is not rocket science. It is ablout applying logic as Inspector G does. But the name TWINING, where did it come from? Well I read DC's blog and then I read Inspector G's blog, and I was drinking some Twining's tea, yuk, yuk, yuk, but it's good for you, yuk, yuk, yuk, green tea.

I opened up a blogger account and it asked for a name. So I diddled for a few minutes and the name Twining looked at me in the face, it's as simple as that, that's how I got my name. And what is even more wonderful is the TWINING awards. I am loving it......Loads of you have asked what does the name mean? Some have even DARED to criticise it. Actually the names means alot to me. sot, the name has alot to de with GREEN TEA, or yuk yuk yuk, or huh huh huh, as Elvis would say. And how many Chief officers do you know that like Elvis? I can think of two!

Monday, January 08, 2007

Chief Officer poses again as Elvis!

Let me tell you a little about Mr Coleman. Since I wrote the piece about him and Elvis I received an email from someone who said this,

"David called for me, he asked his secretary to call. I was told, "he would like you to come up know." I duly attended, as a BPA rep, and was given a thorough telling off. David was not impressed with what another BPA member had said. He was concerned that it might affect ethnic minority recruiting. I asked David what he wanted from us, did he want us to speak the truth when asked or not. He still ADVISED ME strongly. I left his office feeling gutted. I met him again at a meeting when he advised basically that the BPA would not get what they wanted for at least two years. He definitely pulled his power and rank to get back at us."

David, I think you deserve to be gonged, don't you. I did my own digging on David and this is what I found. Derbyshire have just recently been awarded a gong in relation to their training on race and diversity. My sources tell me David though actually prevented good training in race and diversity because he could not understand the training. My sources tell me that at the time he refused, with others, to attend a course. Clearly this Supreme knows better and is above race and diversity. I think that says bags about his own lack of understanding.

The same source reveals that Derbyshire was actually lacking in race training just after The Secret Policeman Documentary. Hmm, it is pretty impressive thing to do, to bag a gong from an external source, and then to bag a gong from Twining. One wonders really what diversity means to this Leader. My sources also tell me he actually likes Elvis. Sadly David, I have to say, you do not deserve to be seen as the King, sorry. Me feels they bought the other gong. This one, from me, TWINING, they got for free. Remove that white suit immediately David. And the real Elvis, please forgive me, I consider myself slapped for associating the King with David. Derbyshire police you are closely running towards gong number three next week. Let’s see what other worthy contenders appear, shall we?

Twining's week 2 award for race and diversity goes to

Wiltshire Police, well done. The lack of understanding you have shown on your own to ethnicity and criminality makes you as a Force the recipient of this week's gong. A Forum group for travellers and integrating them, without suggestions like a settlement site across 43 Forces where there are full facilities, and which is away from industrial estates, shows clearly that the people you have in post do not understand race and diversity. Interesting are these loyal career movers.

Putting such people in charge of such initiatives, no doubt, means you have yes men and women at your helm. You can not hope to make a real difference but you have made us laugh. Mark and Lissaman-Edge you have been gonged for allowing this totally insane and incompetent approach.

And you three, including your Force, Wiltshire, are the worthy winners of this weeks gong for race and diversity. Still, perhaps you may listen and see that such forums, bar long term education, rarely lead to change but make do good Liberals feel better. The suggestion put forward here to have sites might actually reduce crime and make a difference, but would not take 10 years to achieve and £50,000. And when I say street level, I mean, support colleagues on the street. It is not easy walking into no go areas alone, for one might get a severe kick in. These areas need funding, not forums of this type.

Spend the money wisely by supporting integration at street level, and supporting kids from marginalised backgrounds. If you have a deserved recipient for Gong of the week please email me.

I like this....I will look through and put forward yours and my cases for gongs of the week. A recipient of the gong might have made a "fau pas." Sometimes also we can give good gongs too, for real good stuff also. Folks, this way we might change things for the better.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Twining's first award recipient in 2007 is......

Police reason for not issuing photos of runaway killers 'is just nonsense'
David Colemen, the Chief Constable of all Chief Constables, sorry oops, the CC of Derbyshire, was caught looking into his mirror at work, wearing en Elvis Presley Outfit! The journalist that uncovered this ooo sight captured it all on video and this is what Colemen was said to be saying. Lip reading is a wonderful tool.

"My name is Coleman, they call me the King, uh-huh-huh, of the roads. If you pass through my county, uh huh huh, you’ll get a ticket, whether you are speeding or not. Coleman is then seen to wiggle his hips. If I employ you as my driver, and you are caught speeding with me in the back, uh huh huh, I’ll call my chum in Hertfordshire as long as you kiss my hand, but if your just a serving officer in ma Force, and your caught speeding, I’ll void it or you will simply have to PAY, uh huh huh. If you are a murderer I will do the honourable thing BY ME and not issue your pictures to the press, because politically correct is what I am. I don’t understand diversity huh huh huh. Because I am so PC, I think I will breach your human rights you murderer you, uh huh huh. Forget preventing crime, making diversity PC is what me and my mates in ACPO is good at innit. I is da King, what I say goes, huh huh huh."

When this footage was released to the press, a Derbyshire Police Spokeswoman said, "We feel that this is an infringement of the King’s, sorry, David Coleman’s, erm human rights. We are currently seeking advice, and we will come back to you after Mr Coleman is successfully promoted to the HMIC huh huh huh." This footage has sent shocking news to Gracelands, where the Presley family are now considering the way in which Colemen too has breached the rights of the real King. Derbyshire is definitely now in a pickle….The Chief Constable was not available to comment but was seen donning the great White suit. Derbyshire have gone mad! David Coleman, you have been Twining'd, and Twining'd means you have been awarded for (1) Treating yourself above the law and ordering your driver to speed. (2) For crap service in race and diversity and making a mockery by using PC Ness when it was not required. You are the first recipient to be Twining'd in 2007. Well Done Sir and Derbyshire of course, you both are gongs. By the way who is PC Ness?

Saturday, January 06, 2007

If they hate us so much, why don't they leave?

I will make the following points because I don't think Ghaffur's views are totally accurate:

(1) Ghaffur has only recently "come out" on issues.

(2) When we talk about 'anger and resentment' among young British Muslims, what is forgotten is Islam. These people who are angered might be angered for a number of reasons, not least to do with their identity. This is a twofold problem. It concerns the interaction between Islam and the Host community. This is not a one horse race and this view by Islamists frustrates the majority I am sure.

(3) My identity is what I label myself as, as well as how I am labelled by society. The label is the "I" in me and the "I" is critical to understanding people. In other words, I as a police officer might ned to know or understand how politics and faith interfere with people's perceptions of me.

(4) What Ghaffur fails to acknowledge is that Islam, in this country, and in the World must look inside. Ghaffur does not acknowledge that sectarianism will not work, that segregation does not work in the UK, but Muslim communities have tended to grow around poor areas, and around a central theme, i.e. a Mosque. Therefore what is absolutely critical here is identity.

(6) Whilst there is a danger in criminalising the community. This issue is not just about Islam as Ghaffur suggests. There can be innocent victims also. How can we tell the difference between a Muslim male and a Sikh male that does not wear a turban, or a Hindu male? So the issue is wider than Muslim youth. Terrorism is about a minoirty of Muslim youth; racism on the other hand is about Asian people also. Note that the Hindu community want to rid themselves of the tag, Asian.

(7) The fact is some of these young Muslim men have radical views of the West and it is their teachings that must take some blame also. So, if these people look like me, for example, then I must expect to be stopped. It is not ideal, but it is reality. Colour, dress, views and faith are still a differentiating factor in the war against terrorism.

(8) Until we deal with Islam, mark my words, this is now the third World War, the battle between Christianity and Islam, then we cannot deal with some of the issues Ghaffur talks about.

(9) On the flip side if we are taking out our anger at young Muslim men we need to be mindful that we are alienating them. It's not just our anger, but if the Health service is doing the same, then these people will not meet us half way when we interact. Perceptions are important.

(10) Society must acknowledge that White racism against the Asian community is not a fallacy, but a reality. This does not mean that all White people are racist, but that power, and institutions may be linked to racism. In essence there is some truth in what the journalist says. There needs to be some serious dialogue between faiths and Islam must give. Islam must change. Ghaffur needs to be clear about this also. In the short term the truth also is that how we treat the Muslim community in their segregated areas must also change. (Hopefully readers will see from this entry that I am not anti Islamic, I am merely anti racist, there is a subtle difference. We are all entitled to follow our own beliefs, but not to the exclusion of others; that is where racism creeps in and that is exactly where we are losing this debate at the moment). And incidentally I don't want to leave; this country is my home. I am proud to be British and Asian. I don't have a dilemna; I can be both, British and Asian, and this is my choice, my faith does not suggest I have to be one or the other. It does say that I must treat other faiths with respect. Respect means acknowledging that other people have their beliefs too, and this means there is no one creator. The Islamic community in this country neeeds to get to grips with this concept fast before racism spreads and more innocent lives are taken. It has some serious thinking to do about whether it is possible to be both Islamic and British. Ghaffur, somewhere, does mention this.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Sir Ian - What have you said now?

When the left arm does not know what the right arm is doing, one becomes a laughing stock, and so does the subject of "race." See, the organisation does not know what it is doing! See, I love it when he smiles at me. On a serious note some say he should go? I don't know...He cares....or appears to care....Seriously though he should ask himself who is advising him on "race"?

Top officer attacks race tribunal

"Met Police Commissioner Sir Ian Blair has criticised an employment tribunal in which three white officers won a claim of race and sex discrimination. He said he was disappointed he had been accused of leaving the men "hanging out to dry" over the allegations in 1999. Det Con Tom Hassell, Det Insp Paul Whatmore and Det Sgt Colin Lockwood were awarded a total of £90,000. Sir Ian said the Met was considering appealing and that racist behaviour would not be tolerated. The tribunal concluded he had influenced proceedings against the officers and treated them unfavourably following the 1999 Macpherson inquiry into the Stephen Lawrence murder that accused the force of being "institutionally racist". The officers won their case at an employment tribunal in east London on Monday. A complaint was made after Mr Hassell mispronounced "Shi'ites", referred to Muslim headwear as "tea cosies" and said he felt sorry for anyone fasting during Ramadan, at the presentation in 1999. Det Sgt Shabnam Chaudhri, who made the complaint, also criticised the other two officers for not taking appropriate action. Two of the officers were suspended for several weeks and one was signed off for three weeks suffering from depression. When they appealed against the hearing's result, Britain's most senior Asian officer, Asst Commissioner Tariq Ghaffur, cleared the men saying it was incredible that the case had been brought. Addressing the Metropolitan Police Authority (MPA) on Thursday, Sir Ian said he said he was "concerned" the panel had criticised Det Sgt Chaudhri and appeared to question the veracity of her account - even though she had not given evidence in person. Sir Ian said he intended to write to the president of the tribunal service to take up this "grave matter". He also said the "gratuitous, anti-Semitic and Islamaphobic" remarks, which prompted her complaint, had never been denied. There was no place for those sentiments in the Met, he said. Sir Ian said the Met was not for turning from its mission to educate its officers about diversity and said it was a necessity for effective policing in the capital. He added: "Officers who are proved to have said it must expect discipline to follow, and supervisors who fail to challenge it must expect discipline to follow."" Make your own minds up! Tariq Ghaffur clears the officers. For Ghaffur to clear the officer's he must have genuinely believed the officer's did not discriminate and that is critical.