Friday, March 30, 2007

The Sussex Model

By order of the Twinng Act 2007 section 3 states:

(1) There is no such thing as freedom of speech for Police Bloggers, especially for Jonno. Jamba!

(2) A Chief Constables Health and Safety and Human Rights innit always takes priority.

(3) A Chief Constable and their Senior team will always be right.

(4) All Police Bloggers will be brought before their Chief Officers. They must not smile. They will parade forthwith with their appointments. This especially includes that damned man Gadget and that woman, Bloggs.

(5) Police Bloggers will be tickled by PSD until they totally confess to Blogging. In the event that a Blogger makes the investigating officer's smile then that Blogger will wash the DCC's car every day for the rest of their lives. They will also wash the DCC's wife's car also, the Renault megane!

(6) Any Blogger refusing to attend to meet their Chief Officer's will be taken to Karatchi and tortured with bamboo sticks and boiled rice and Karatchi cops also.

By order of the Chief of all Chiefs. This is now policy.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I asked Mrs Twining...

For a Convertible, and she showed me this.... It's not exactly what I had in mind.

Nice one from Japan!

The demise of the Shireshire BPA

Since the launch of the Shireshire Black Police Association many many years ago, one could argue that it’s history and achievements have been mixed. Sadly some members have used the BPA as a means to an end, a means of getting promotion, whilst ignoring the real issue of ensuring some racial equality. After promotion they move out. Race equality is not like that. But this might be true of any organisation.

At the time of launch of the local BPA the vision was good, but who would have thought back then that we would have had any idea that we would not be allowed to reach our freedom or destiny. And at any given time the BPA has been only as good as the education and understanding of those members that have formed a part of it. Back in 1999 I remember speaking and advising the then Chief Constable that we had no agenda, we just wanted race equality. He simply did not have a clue, nor did he wish to listen to me. I am afraid police leaders have largely missed the point.

The BPA has risen from having no budget, and no post, to a reasonable budget, a dedicated post but little more. For example it has been made clear to the BPA that it should not use the budget for the legal fees of colleagues pursuing claims against the Force. This "tokenistic" approach has been largely welcomed by some leaders in the organisation and this position is no different to the position of the National Black Police Association. One knows therefore one is not welcome.

If an organisation is set up with no structure and incompetence then it has been set up to fail. If the BPA has no real freedom or voice, what is it’s point other than to serve it’s masters in a new slaverised system. It is not unusual that those that speak out are labelled "radicals" and those that toe the party line are given career aspirations. The police organisation’s leaders wrongly believe it can understand race and entrusts a subject which causes murder, riots, Black on Black gun crime, etc. to people that have never experienced racism or have never themselves been marginalised, and in other words are a safe pair of hands.

And really this is a farcical and institutionally racist position, but one which extends not just to Shireshire, but across all Forces. How can this position help the marginalised communities of Shireshire, the communities that the BPA is there to protect and support? The answer is simple, this position was not meant to assist the community. The BPA is largely a PR exercise. It was however meant only to serve the purpose of ticking a box for the HMIC to show things as improving, whilst in reality any achievement is hampered.

It is almost as if the position post Macpherson towards anti racism is one of total and systemic entrenchment and one in which leaders nationally should be held accountable for game playing.

The sheer numbers of Black Probationers that experience a negative intervention during their probation raises very serious questions, issues which some of us feel, have been systematically swept under the carpet. White officers that challenge in support of Black officers that have suffered alleged racism are penalised and Black officers that mention "race" are ignored. The higher echelons hope that these people and the problem will go away. But the truth simply won’t budge.

The intervention rate for Asian female officers in Shireshire is dire, yet we wish to recruit more ethnic colleagues. This is an absurd position. The numbers of colleagues that have sought to seek some justice through employment tribunals locally and nationally suggest that the nature of the problem of institutional racism has not even been touched by the organisation post Macpherson, (denial and collusion are rife, if only in the name of ignorance). How many of our leaders have been on race relation courses run by qualified people? One wonders whether their elitism and leadership exempts them. Within the tribunal system, despite the best efforts of some of the Chairs of Tribunals, Black colleagues have felt the harsh reality of brutal HR practices and procedures that are not only torturous to the individual victims of racism but to their families also.

Simple games such as talking to the Black colleague supporter whilst ignoring the applicant are part of the course of HR operations. And then "deals at dawn", at the very last moment, take no account of the stresses caused to applicants. Thereafter, when the organisation has a debrief, do the debriefs involve those Black colleagues that have gone to tribunal seeking some justice. The answer is, no, they do not, but how hypocritical this is, is an indication of an entrenched attitude with HR being a major culprit of racism. Systems designed to protect individuals, actually institutionalise racism further, and these systems far from being anti racist are actually morally corrupt. Chief Constables should know what is going in, after all this race inequality and racial bullying of Black people and the BPA goes on in Force’s, but Chief Constables distance themselves relying not on personal intervention but on the protection offered to them by vicarious liability.

There comes a point when BPA’s must consider their true worth. If BPA’s are shackled and unable to have any real impact on race equality, and where race equality is mocked by do good liberals who undermine the life and death of Stephen Lawrence by their action and inaction, perhaps the time has come to rethink passive resistance. For the BPA to pull out of strategic meetings, training, recruitment, etc. is not a big thing. This is not the first time we have considered taking this type of action. God forbid, should the BPA fold in Shireshire, this would be a terrible indictment on the Shireshire Police for failing race equality, and an indictment on the service. Of course the leaders might conjure up a new genre of "tokens", but the question is, would this really fool the public, or make the public realise that actually what we are saying here is the truth.

These might appear to be drastic actions, but it is better to have one’s dignity than be "used." None of these actions of pulling out have anything to do with the honest work carried out by most colleagues in the Shireshire Police, but these actions have everything to do with leadership amongst police organisations, a leadership that is not intent on the truth or justice but more intent on keeping up a false reputation before moving on to a higher promotion. It is a wonder that the HMIC has not identified these core feelings, but this only questions the independence of the HMIC and it’s loyalty to Chief Officers. For now, the message is clear. The treatment of BPA’s is hardly civilised in 2007. Perhaps therefore it is time to call it a day. In all my years I have never known a time as this and am thankful at least that one group, the Police Federation, does an awful lot more for race equality than the Police organisation itself. (Note: At a recent meeting with a senior officer I was advised that I had issues with the senior management in Shireshire and I should perhaps leave, and the senior officer did not mean leave the meeting: that's when one knows for having an alternative view one is not welcome).

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Meet the Senior Team at Shireshire

In Shireshire the names of the Chief Officers have a meaning.....And this is post number 94.

Chief Mr Levy Ian Burrell, LLB, SPININIT, QPM.
DCC Mr Paul Sullivan Dee, BA (Hons).
ACC Crime Mr Homer Omar Stats, BA (Hons).
ACC Support Mr Ian McDonald Free, GCSE.
HR Director Ms Rea Eleanor View, BA, CIPD.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Urgent press release from Shireshire

In an urgent press release from Twining, Twining states: "Chief Officers have come across a rare and new idea in urging Police Officer’s to engage more with the public and asking them to wear name badges. As officer’s wearing these name badges soon found out working a late shift outside a night-club, it is rather not so cool having one’s first name on the badges. Being referred to as Johnny when your name is John or Dick is not endearing at 2am in the morning. Still I am sure the Senior Officer’s don’t mind having their first names on badges. Having heard about this incident about a Dick at 2am, the Shireshire Senior Officer's met immediately for a debrief and all hell, it is alleged, let loose. One of the senior Officer's who was wrongly referred to as Ian began a massive brawl in the main conference area at headquarters. Words such as, "Ian you plonker," "Jim you fool," "Diane honestly do that again," and "Leave my ears alone," were heard as the team met. Shortly afterwards the Senior Team were seen to leave discretely via the exit door, one holding his jaw, and another clutching his arm in pain. It’s amazing what Name badges can do to you. Source: Canteen staff found giggling on the floor at Shireshire. End of press release."

Happy birthday

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday! Stevie Wonder sang it like that. Now would anyone else want to wish Ian a happy birthday. A reliable source tells me he is now 53. Only sincere and best wishes messages to be posted please here please. Let's wish him well and please add some exciting captions for this image. OK I stand corrected, he's 54.

Monday, March 19, 2007

How to reduce Force costs?

This force is consdering how to get best value and more from resources. And this is what it considers....Erm these are some ways. (1) Reduce the number of sworn officer’s at the rank of Constable, let the PCSO do all the investigative work, bar the arrest, leave that one for the sworn officer. That way the Force can have more PCSO’s who are cheaper to fund. (2) Oh yes, and at the same time or just before you reduce the number of sworn officers, buy the Senior team a top of the range car, with alloy wheels and air conditioning, and if that’s not all they fit them with blues and twos. Fantastic cost saving reductions from one Force.

Saturday, March 17, 2007


I have special permission from the anonymous person and totally UNPC, who no longer does Custody!, to extract a quote, "BIB - about time you committed to change from within then. Stand for some of the NBPA's officer posts, locally and then nationally. Encourage others to do the same. You won't achieve much just moaning about it from the sidelines. Maybe you are doing this and can't get through the self-interest barrier set up by those already in position, but like all democratic organisations, you have to keep trying and use your vote - unless the NBPA isn't a democratic organisation, and members want to achieve promotion via tokenism and quotas? Maybe you could encourage the Federation to do more? Maybe they (Feds) are just as wary and scared of being labelled as racist for raising pertinent points. So difficult these days isn't it? " The anonymous person, whoever they are, and I am hoping they are inside the job, has hit the nail on the head. In my opinion it is so difficult. These are facts: It is nire on impossible to change things from within the NBPA movement. This body is full of power struggles at this moment in time. And whilst power struggles continue inside, the real work outside of anti racism falters. So who benefits? Current leaders of course. They don't want an NBPA THAT IS ROBUST because if it was, the NBPA would have a more significant impact on areas such as Trident, crime in the Asian communities, Black on Black gun crime, drug crime, etc. I do not hear anything from the NBPA when any of these key areas are mentioned. Why? Because those in the NBPA are incompetent to these issues. So what are these people doing there? And who put them there? These individuals are released by police organisations? Are police organisations going to release those that rock the boat to effect these key areas? No, because these individuals would identify the flaws in the system and challenge these liberal leaders, and they simply can't take it. The problem is not at a street level. The problem is in the middle and Senior positions, and the problem relates to these peoples ego's. How democratic is the NBPA? It is only as good as the people in it. Some Black colleagues that form the whole movement have no understanding of race, and like most organisations, attendance at conference is a jolly, so these people exist, and remember those in power are strategically placed by others in power. I have been trying my best from the inside to change things. It's impossible. Some of these people do one's legs and this is a polite way to put it. As for the Federation, I have known some switched on colleagues, who have argued disproportionality and I trust these individuals, but there is fear, fear of change, and a fear that we, as individuals want power. Put simply, some of us are not interested in power, but nor are we interested in the types of racial games organisations play. And these games, I would liken to, "Cowboys and Indians." These are horrendous games played by people in power against those Black and White colleagues that challenge rightly, because these people know, if things change, that will make the slippery slope they climbed, even slippier for THEM. Inside each organisation there will be Black and White colleagues that do treat minoirty ethnic people with dignity and respect, I think the majority do. Then there are innocent mistakes. We should be able to forgive these. Then there are some idiots. These are the ones that need dealing with. But inside your own organisation, you will see Black colleagues that do have a passion for this subject, they have no agenda at all, but preventing racial asaults, murder, etc. and of course race equality. These people are in a minority. Then you will see tokens, and to be honest Ghaffur was a token until the very end in my opinion. He hardly spoke out about racism and when he did he had moved up the ladder, but in moving up he also undermined some of us, and he knew it. So there is a difference in relation to those that care really and those that say they care. It's all our jobs to understand the difference in these peoples. I invite any comments. I would rather have genuine White officers in the NBPA then tokens who practice their own prejudices. A thank you to anonymous and totally UNPC, who incidentally does not do custody!, and a note, if you read the last blog you may realise why the NBPA as a movement exists. There are some vicious and dangerous academic bigots in the country, but in my opinion, these people remain hidden, the dangerous one's are not those at the sharp end at the lower ranks in the service. There are few dangerous one's at this level. There are, however, dangerous people out there, and some managers are incompetent, that is all. Any views about the NBPA, please add them here.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

More Hate Crime Training!

I knew that I would ruffle some feathers with what I am about to say I did. I have held this back. I refused to deliver training in relation to Hate Crime. I no longer work in training. As is usual in most Forces, Officer’s were being bungled into training in numbers and the Force was keen to deliver this training. If the message was no different or did not help colleagues, would they listen? Did they want to be there?

Interestingly I was never involved in the consultation. A package was prepared. And none of the trainers in Training wanted to deliver this training. I wonder why? The package missed out vital information. The training did not advise colleagues on trends of migration to the Force Area, on settlement patterns of new communities, nor crime trends in relation to hate. It certainly did not focus on the New Eastern European communities. If officer’s could not understand how migration trends might affect demographics, how could they be expected to empathise with potential victims and prevent hate crime.

This was another tick in the box and no doubt someone would say vicarious liability in the future. The product was to be delivered by so called experts in race and diversity. One of these experts had hardly challenged racism in the service, and was more intent on looking after oneself than the marginalised community and he is Black. What made him an expert was the fact that the Senior Managers could rely on him. The training typically advised, "This is the definition of a racial incident yaar." Oh my God have we been here before? When colleagues wanted training in SOCAP and the Fraud Act, the Force produced distance learning. I don’t know which was worse, the hate crime training or the lack of will to train face to face on SOCAP and the Fraud Act. Was it worth ruffling some feathers? I’d say……..Not my cup of Twining’s tea yaar!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Who let Tania Moore Down?

I watched with sadness Panorama yesterday. I did not even know beforehand what it was about. Then, having viewed it, I searched the name, Tania Moore, on the internet. Thankfully the Federation in Derbyshire have more integrity then the retiring Chief Constable of Derbyshire, Mr David Coleman, who incidentally is already a
winner of a Twining gong on a previous occasion. In ceremonious style this man refused to meet with Tania's mother. The Federation stated the errors were due to overwork. It is people like Coleman and his contemporaries that demand this overwork. Is the the CC the person to blame? Incidentally recently the Police Authority praised Coleman for his work with the Force.... And a US police Chief had more sense and did meet with Tania's mother. (Thank you Sir). A new gong has therefore got to go to Coleman again, but this time for the treatment of Tania's mother. Twining does wish Coleman a good retirement. Please pass go, collect your pension, and maybe move to the HMIC......where further damage can be caused. Inspector G and others continue this fight....the fight that people like Coleman and ACPO cannot even dream of, a fight that involves people like PC Coffill and others.....David Coleman, in the words of Abba, you win again, Twining Gong number 2 is awarded to you. (This is a record, you are on a par with Sir Ian). Who let Tania Moore down?

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Position clarified

Cookie Monster, I am sorry you feel the way that you do. These are my views. I hope this clarifies matters.

(1) Hamza preaches hatred and affects young minds. Arguably he and others like him had some impact on causing 9/11, 7/7, etc. We recognise this as terrorism. I condemn terrorism.

(2) Griffin does the same out of the public domain. Indeed we have seen footage of this. Griffin also affects young minds. Griffin's racism and his party preaches hatred in the form of individual assaults, which have the potential to lead to deaths. Doesn't Griffin and his views terrorise vulnerable victims also? I also condemn racism.

(3) Both deny the Holocaust and have issues with the Jewish faith.

(4) The third person might just well be a freedom fighter who does not preach hatred, but wishes for seperatism. Are we not all Human?

(5) If people want seperatism then how the hell can multiculturalism work? The common identity in this country is British. How do any of these individuals pursue what it is to be British? if this is the case then racial assaults and murders will occur. People of different ethnicities must decide which it is that they desire.

(6) I respect freedom of speech but not hatred. And BNP member I am respectfully asking no contact please or comment on my blogs. Why? Some of the links you have on your site, I understand, are very anti Black, so whilst I thought I could engage you, I can't anymore.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Three Seperatists

Who are these people? Far left is Nick Griffin, the leader of the BNP. "Nick Griffin, is a hardline fascist. Convicted for inciting race hate, he denies that the Holocaust ever took place and believes that Jews are conspiring against White British people." Far right is Abu Hamza. "Abu Hamza ralied against alcohol, adultery, democracy and said Muslims had an "obligation" to fight and kill kuffar (non-believers)." He also, " accused the Jews of being blasphemous, traitors and dirty. This, because of the treachery, because of their blasphemy and filth, was why Hitler was sent into the world." Centre right is Louis Farrakhan. The Nation of Islam is under the leadership of this Honorable Minister. We believe Hamza is a terrorist. But really isn't Griffin the same? Both deny the Holocaust and are tied in beliefs that are not factual, beliefs that cause hatred. The Nation of Islam wants seperatist schools, etc. But are we not one race? The interesting concept is that Griffin is not recognised as a terrorist, but all three might be recognised as racists. All three have issues over the Holocaust, one of the worst FORMS of ethnic cleansing that the WORLD HAS EVER SEEN. ALL THREE PREACH SPERATION, NOT UNITY, HATRED, NOT COMPASSION, ASSAULT NOT LIVE AN LET LIVE. WHICH ONE, THOUGH, IS A TERRORIST?

Friday, March 02, 2007

Twining has decided....

That Twining Gongs are for poor poor work and Twining Oscars are for good work in the field of race and diversity, and I will alternately give them as I please.....After all I am Twining. Now, someone go tell Franky Fact that he is the first one to win a Twining Oscar for this wonderful statement referring to Sir Ian's √°ntics, an Sir Ian has many antics. It's almost as if Franky is out there crossed arms watching the Commissioner when a journalist asks Franky, "What on earth is Sir Ian doing?" Coolly Franky replies, "Is he holding a sword as well as wearing a hat? " Sir Ian hears something and nods to the Staff Officer who then glares at Franky. Little does the Staff Officer know that the police "A" Team are nearby! And if the Staff Officer mutters so much as a word to Franky he will be taken to the floor and tickled by Bloggs. Staff Officer really, you did not think you'd be tickled by Bloggs, did you?. This is Twining's world, so Franky would be tickled innit!