Wednesday, June 27, 2007

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Jan said...

Subject: Help requested


I work for a small national kids charity: web site:

We've been active in child protection over some years, and we are increasingly concerned at people such as the 'spiked' set up who run down CRB and the new Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act.

Their line is that so much checking is over-reaction, nanny state etc. Our view is that such checks help protect kids by helping to weed out those that are known.

We cite the case of David Lawrence, known to the Avon and Somerset force, who was a junior soccer ref and coach and known to them over many years for a string of complaints etc. Eventually in the late 90s he was finally prosecuted, 12 specimen charges, 3 withdrawn, convicted on nine, came out of jail November 2002 and by March 2003 in another junior league which was not accessing CRB checks at that time. (We came across him as we took part in a Home Office pilot which undertook police checks for voluntary groups - VOCS - so we were asked by the first league to run check on him in 1997 along with 49 other ref/coaches and he came up as 'soft intel' so the league removed him from access a full 18 months before he was finally arrested after years of police concern, which they had until VOCS been unable to share.)

My query is this. Serial paedophiles like Lawrence operate over many years - in fact he was put away again for further offences which came to light, from the Isle of Man in 1975, so he was active over 22 years at least. Lawrence was charged with 12, sentenced for 9. But what I am asking is, does anyone have any idea how many kids such people may involve and abuse. I would hazard an educated guess that Lawrence abused FAR more than have ever come to light. Those who saw the C4 doc 'Chosen' recently may see how and why this happens, a very brave set of people to tell it now.

I will guarantee that no names or towns/forces will be revealed, and if anyone wants to send a 'blind' email which I cannot trace, fine. I don't want names of offenders but "X was convicted for 7 but we are sure he involved at least ... number of kids over xxx years"

The end result - an article to be released to counter these idiots.

ANY help, including passing this mail on, very welcome.


Jan Cosgrove [mr]
National Secretary

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Cast not the first stone. ........................................

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