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Another live story from a colleague.

Another true story relating to a serving Special. "It was me that asked the question you answered in you blog so well, thank you for doing that. I have not signed my comments, as I don't want to keep putting "----" at the end, just in case some one else does when its not actually me! I should really register, but never seem to have the time. You probably sussed it was me anyway, but thought I'd drop you a private line on the matter. I read your response to my question after working the Friday night on response. It was an excellent post, and what really struck me was your comment about front line police officers making a difference to race relations, especially after my last job in the early hours of Saturday morning. So I thought I'd share it with you, its not race-related as such, but relates to serving people from a marginalised community that suffer regular stereotyping and discrimination. As I have explained, my area has few people of different race, though I have seen the more of the diversity in our community as my experience grows. One community we do have is a small Polish community. They are often discriminated against, and I only ever hear people be less than complimentary about them, which winds me up no-end!

My first contact with our Polish members was when 4 of them flew past us in a car at 110mph. I was with an experienced and very decent traffic officer. We paced them, pulled them, and PNC'd the car-No insurance, so the car was arranged to be taken. The group in the car were struggling to understand English, afraid, distrustful, and appeared honest. After a roadside chat, it appeared to be a mix-up with insurance, no criminal or dishonest intent. The reason for their speed was one of their group was going to miss a flight back to Poland for a wedding.

Now, however, they were seriously concerned we were going to lock them all up! So we drove the person to the airport, as fast as we could, arriving just in time. She was so so happy (and a little shaky)! We drove back to the others, who were waiting in their car. We had took the car key off them before we left, but they had a spare which they used to put the engine on to keep warm while they waited. So many people would have drove off! We advised the driver about his speed, and left it there. Poor bloke had enough on with a fine and bills for having his car towed away, for what was a genuine mistake.

So we stood there chatting as the sun rose, waiting for their friend to pick them up. Conversation covered the police, insurance, road law, before turning to personal matters like their favourite Polish food, the hours they work, their homes, jobs, and how they see life in England. We answered their questions about ourselves, our lives, partners, my day job, and what it’s like to be a police officer. Their friend arrived some time later to pick them up, and it was smiles and handshakes all round (despite seizing the poor fella's car!).

We were the first contact they had ever had with the police, and they had heard all sorts of horrible storeys about what we are like, and distrusted us immensely (and likewise to an extent). However, when they left, we shared mutual trust, respect, and even admiration for each other. I'd like to think we made the police approachable in these good peoples eyes, professional but honest and caring, even if it was just for rushing the lady to the airport. It wasn't regulation, a new policy, or a boss's idea, just front-line policing, by two people who want to make a positive difference to the society they live in, by trying to serve it well.

I'm ignorant on many issues regarding policing, race, community and diversity, as many are new to me, but I try and learn. I got home that morning and read your blog, and it made sense. I'll lead the very best I can. Please keep the blog going! Take care." Twining's response: Sorry I have taken so long to publish this. Thank you for letting me use these words. You highlight a very important point about stereotyping of new communities and we all stereotype, except Senior Officer's and the CRE! We're human, what you did was humane. That counts thousands and there are plenty of good police officer's like you about.

The NBPA have failed?

Written to a senior Officer whom I respect, (Reproduced).

(Reproduced) I wish to bring these thoughts to you. I have been made aware that a recent meeting within ACPO where the Federation, LAGPA, and the NBPA were represented, that certain rather disturbing views were being relayed. I am a little incensed and offended by what I have heard.

Firstly there appears to be some concerns amongst the Senior Leaders about the so called rise and funding of different associations, e.g. the Muslim Police Association, The Sikh police Association, the Jewish Police Association, etc. In short I am led to believe that the police service cannot afford to fund and resource these groups. I am not so surprised that sitting in a group these senior officers should take these stereotypical views that groups will want funding; perhaps they simply want a voice.

I believe it was also brought to the table that since the Federation were representing these groups, it was questioned what purpose such groups really served in that there was a perceived duplication because those present could only "umm" and "arr" and offer nothing extra. Sir, the question that these senior colleagues might ask is why is there such a rise in these groups? The term, "Black" within the NBPA movement was supposed to incorporate the feeling of racism. Clearly it does not. These senior colleagues then might wish to consider why the NBPA is perceived to be failing in it’s duty. (The NBPA does not give all groups a voice, instead it gives those in power a voice and a free hand. And if theu don't understand what they are doing then they will fail). From this very simple assertion and "table round" talks I would make the following observations:

(1) If ACPO feels these groups are not bringing things to the table then these groups are bringing "incompetent" people to the table. The NBPA for example does not consist of the best skilled people in the field of race and diversity and this is because it was the wish of the NBPA and the Senior Officers to ensure that prior to election, the relevant member received Chief Officer approval for secondment. (Chief Officers are hardly likely to release staff that would rock the boat.) Hence the NBPA is a controlled group to an extent. This may answer why around the table these support groups could only "umm" and "arr."

(2) The fitness of purpose of the NBPA and BPA’s for example is full of inherent racism’s and discriminations because those in charge have sought personal power, and this has led to the growth of the different groups. This seriously begs the question as to the agenda of the NBPA and how people get there. A simple analysis of the qualifications of those in high positions within the NBPA should reveal the disparity between those in charge and others outside who are sidelined.

(3) In itself the problem is that Chief Officers have themselves set up an NBPA for example that is like a "nodding dog", something that is loyal, yet barks to get attention in order for mutually beneficial deals to be done, deals which do not necessarily move the issue of race forwards, but tranquillise the issues and maintain the power of those within. And sadly for ACPO to then "rubbish" support groups in this way is a little tongue in cheek but entirely racist, for it is they that have caused the problems. Finally there are many Black officers with qualifications who do have a perspective to offer and we will continue to do so with or without the NBPA or ACPO.

By all means please pass this paper to your peers. It might give them a wake up call that we are not all like "nodding lap dogs."

Recently added - The NBPA's funding may have been frozen and Jarrett suggests he was not in power when the alleged irregularities occurred. There is no misconduct, but I believe he knew what was happening, he is though incompetent. If what I believe to be the case is true, that a Senior official of the NBPA met with Mugabe, then I too am lost, I have no time for racists, and Mugabe is one of them. The question I ask is, was the Home Office aware that a Senior member of the NBPA did meet with Mugabe and that this visit was essentially funded by the NBPA. Anyone that thought that the NBPA could influence Mugabe is misled. So why the visit? Did Jarrett know about the Mugabe issue? What was the purpose of the visit? The NBPA is not about jollies but many use it for this purpose. It is about ensuring Lawrence and other murders don't happen, and ensuring some fairness inside. If the service only lets incompetent people in, then thj service sets the group up to essentially fail. And in my opinion Jarrett is incompetent on some issues of race as are other members of the cabinet. The essential question is why qualified members cannot get in? And why some of the people accused of irregularities have used Jarrett and others to take the legs of other more honest Black members who are qualified in race? I have seen Jarrett do this.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Come for a meeting Twining? No thank you, Sir?

A tribute to Noddy

Scene 1

I was working when I got a phone call from the ACC's Secretary, "Can you come and see the ACC now please?" I knew then this wasn't a can you come please, it was more like, make your way. I was nearly wee'ing myself then being younger in service. A Senior Black officer didn't want to help me. It was time to sink or swim. I asked, " What is it about?" I was advised it was nothing to worry about. My instinct was otherwise. This was something to worry about. I was going to get a bollocking.

Scene 2

I knocked on the door, "Twining come in," said the ACC, "I'm not so happy." I stood there. Him behind his desk. He never even asked me to sit down. "Sorry Sir," I said. "I'm not so happy that a BPA member attends a meeting on racist incidents and then when they are asked about recruiting, they openly suggest to Black peopl present that if we recruit more minority ethnic officers, we simply do not have the support for these officers. That shows us ina bad light. " I was Chair of the local BPA then, thats' why I was called. I said, "Well he was asked and he was being honest. You have to ask yourself why more and more Black officers are seeking support," intimating clearly that there were difficulties. At this point I remember being stood there, looking at a picture on his wall. He was scribbling a note. "I'm not having it, you know, I won't have it. Take this message back, I won't have it." I thought, what does he mean, what won't he have? "I understand what you're saying Sir, but I won't have my members lie," I said. I remember the ACC's voice was raised, perhaps he was shouting at me. It was not pleasant. He had called me in to put me in my place, to tell me off, for another colleague being honest. I left, with my tail between my legs he thought, but I had not lost. I was upset, but it was this Senior officer that had lost it totally in the meeting.

Scene 3

I walk out of the office and walk back to my office swearing and cursing in my own mind and wondering how a Senior Officer could behave like this and treat us like slaves. Those that saw me might have seen me whipsering to myself. Then I found the answer, the ACC was the Senior Officer; I was merely a Black or Asian Sergeant, that's all, and he thought by telling me off, at this point I dissssssssss again, he might warn me off. That experience still lives with me years later. Noddy, sorry, only three scenes, and only me and the ACC in this. I did go back and speak to my colleague and I actually said, "You know what you didn't do anything wrong." He was fuming and ready to walk straight into the ACC's office to give him another bitter pill to swallow, a mouthfull, but for that he would have been disciplined for subordination. That Chief Officer was soon after promoted.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Who's been speaking to PSD?

Has someone tipped PSD or ACPO off that Twining is taking the pee out of their silliness and that Twining is the Pink Panther? Someone has haven't they? Come on, own up you horrid horrid person you! I must say I am rather impressed with Noddy and his play and therefore must award Noddy a Twining Oscar. God I love Bollywood, mine was like a scene from a Hindi film where I was the hero. Where was my heroine dude? Not drugs! You know, the lead female, Shilpa Shetty? Well done my friend, bringing good humour into the debate of race, by including Twining, is an excellent thing. This way we make the establishment listen. If they can't hide from UNPC and Noddy then they can't hide from Twining also.

Well done old bean. Noddy, you are a deserved winner of the Oscar and you join fine fellows like Franky. But Noddy I am a Sergeant, not that I am upset or anything, no, I have not thrown my Teddy out of the pram, no. But that Super in your story required a good kick up the backside! Has someone tipped PSD off as to the fact that Twining is the Pink Panther? Oh sugar to the point quick…..Before they come. Can someone help me, anyone, tell me what corruption is? Not criminal corruption, just corruption. What is collusion in relation to race relations? How does it operate? And anything else. Must dash.....

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Army V the Mullahs - Dispatches

Dispatches - Monday April 23rd 2007 - I was advised to watch Dispatches and I thought, oh well, let’s give it a go. What else can it teach me about Islam? I was pleasantly surprised and shocked by the honest reporting of this program by a British Muslim, who returned to Pakistan to review what was happening post 9/11. Honest reporting is something policing is not good at, corruption in police reporting is rife.

And what was revealed was shocking news for the West. The reporting was not militant biased. It was moderate and real, something which Dispatches is really quite god at. To describe the existence of a civil war in Pakistan is not an understatement. The documentary was titled, "The Army versus the Mullahs." Islamabad was under siege during the time of the reporting with a constant surge of suicide bombers bombing an Islamic country. This was Muslim against Muslim. The West cannot fight the war on terror alone. The West need Pakistan by their side and so have Musharraf. Anyone else and the West would be losing the war against terror. We hear about the threat of terror in this country but would we hear about the threat of assassination against the leader of this country? Bar 7/7 and the failed attempts we do not have daily suicide bombings by "Jihadists." The role of Musharraf, therefore, cannot be underestimated, though in the West I feel we routinely underestimate the goings on in Pakistan and this great man.

An ex Pakistani General described how he could not understand why Muslims were killing Muslims and why the British and Americans were in Afghanistan. This is the type of view Musharraf must put up with. To suggest that there are no views of Islamic supremacy in Pakistan is unreal also, and if these views exist there, then they are sure to exist in this country also.

The reporter did not understand the "Jihadists," and I have to say neither do I, but these "Jihadists" consistently mention oppression by the West. One of the worst mistakes of the US Government was the release of one individual from Guantanamo bay. I cannot understand why he was released as he appears to be preaching "Jihad." Much must be said of the compassion, feeling and ethics with which the reporter produced his work. Suicide bombings continue in Pakistan and Afghanistan as a daily occurrence. Raids continue daily in stronghold areas for fundamentalists. We do not have the same issues here at least on the same scale. If there is any hope for us it is that there are many Muslims in this country that hold the views of this reporter, they are not "Jihadists," but people like you and me who wish to live and let live. But somewhere from within Islam comes a "Jihadist" with a tainted view of Islam. I really do not believe we, in the West, realise how much of a God send Musharraf really is.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Reflections on an eventful week or two!

Twining is rather indebted to his Inspector for giving him an unknown South American viral infection. This infection is so volatile that it affects one’s ability to stay awake and to multi task, but allegedly men don’t do this well anyway. Twining has come out as a tanned shade of orange! But so deadly was this viral thing that it caused a minor affliction with a fellow by the name of PG Tips on Inspector Gadget’s blog.

Single handedly and with the help of his trusted sword, the pen, Twining took on a verbal onslaught that was not deserved. Mr Tips made horrible horrible allegations about Twining’s understanding of institutional racism, of the Macpherson report about the Northern race riots, of life. But alas PG Tips is the product of what happens when the institution takes on something willy nilly, and blames the troops, without first understanding it themselves. Twining does not have academic qualifications in this field for nothing, but Mr Tips would not budge, but to give PG Tips some due, he mentioned segregation, and the problems this causes. Bar this comment, most of his views were erm, rather incorrect, and flawed.

Tips is typical of a type that admits they do not experience being Black, but that this experience does not really matter. Try telling that to a victim of rape says Twining, "This experience does not matter." Tips continued to generalise making rash comments about new communities, and about how crazy it is that immigrants do not speak English. Twining thinks is it so crazy then that a Muslim team took up prayer at the side of a football pitch, or was it crazy that the press laughed at them for doing this?

Introducing Betsy was another good event. She is a rising star. Watch out for her. Twining now has a cartoonist! But damn this viral infection. Twining later found out that the infection was a mixture of a horrid horrid flu without a cold. It was not surprising that latter this week Twining feinted dramatically, sort of, and was knocked out for a few days on rest days he might add. But when he awoke he awoke in a nice place, with Noddy looking down at him and with a pink cat whispering, "Get well soon Mr Twining," in his ear. Twining then asked Miss Cat, "Is this real, did I take on Tips like a Rhine Stone Cowboy or am I dreaming?" At this Miss Cat said, "Twining, really, am I real?" Noddy, did Twining mention that Totally UNPC was mentioned in the Police Review?

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Introducing Betsy

Now, for those of you that have questioned my presence and existence as a Sergeant, I have to say, "Up yours," because I want to introduce you to Betsy. I also want to thank Noddy officially here. So who, I hear you ask, is Betsy, and how can Betsy prove that I am me, that I am a fully qualified Police Sergeant and the sidebar picture is me. Well, Betsy is a part of my shift.

Let me describe her a little. She is tall, slim, tanned single of course, glamorous, and intelligent, (a bit like Shilpa Shetty in that way), and she is an artist! Yes, whilst she may be able to knock a few Vodka's back, she is a fine cartoonist also, and here’s what she makes of some of our elite Liberal Police leaders and there work in community and race relations. To all you budding contributors, why not add a caption.

By the way, this cartoon is copyrighted to Betsy. (You folks have no idea how much work I have had to do, after this picture was completed, trying to get this on here.) Finally this cartoon is on the Internet. Anyway here's to Betsy! And for those of you wondering what the two books on the right are. Well the pink book is the Macpherson Report, and the blue book is ACPO's guide on how to avoid implementing the good parts of the Macpherson Report!

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Who is Twining?

Many of you have asked this ultimate of questions, who is this character?, Black in Blue, (Twining). Is he real? Is he a bird? Is he a plane? Is what he says true? Well, yes it is. Of course it is. And I am Twining! Some of you already know who Twining is for real so shh, but, after soul-searching Twining has decided, as Inspector Gadget had, that it is time to show the real Twining! But unlike Gadget I have not covered up my face. I have no need to. On Saturday 14th April 2007, therefore, let it be known that Twining, aka policenandraceinnit is here, (top right). This, my friends, is me.

Shortly I am going to be interviewed by trusted colleagues like Southwest, Totally UNPC, Franky, Bigfella, even what's her name, Bloggs, where they will ask me questions and I will answer them honestly. Wait for it. Totally UNPC, please don't wee yourself with laughter.

Pass this piece on to others so that those in policing in this country and far beyond, (including the Police Review), are made aware that Twining has come out. A full interview is sure to follow and will be an absolute coup.

In the meantime please admire my good looks and enjoy the truth you hear in what I write and have written. Of course in keeping an eye on you all, I assume that rubber heel folk in PSD might chuckle a little, though if my DCC was to find out, I think he would cry. So when they search my locker they will find the fine attire you see me wearing. Live long, prosper, love all, and hate none.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Tony Blair in the Guardian yesterday

A colleague sent me this. I will share it with you... ..It is titled. Let me make myself clear, neither myself or the colleagues is saying this. What the colleague is suggesting relates to what Mr Blair has said as reported in yesterday's Guardian.

Black Culture is the root of killings?

Does Mr Blair, a so-called White liberal, really support the right wing and discredited criminologist view that maintains that some people or in this case specific peoples are biologically and therefore inherently more bent towards committing crime? (Twining says Professor Paj Waddington is one of those discredited peoples).

Had the ‘Right’ come out with a statement half as suggestive as this then the ‘White Liberals’ would have been enraged? (Twining thinks this is true).

As someone who has been involved in practical as well as theoretical criminology for the past quarter of a century I am not only appalled by Mr Blair’s statement but actually fearful that this may lead to the incitement of racial hatred towards Black people. Such a statement may well breach the very race hate laws that the present Labour Government actually brought in?

If Mr Blair has been quoted correctly? That ‘the spate of knife and gun murders in London was not being caused by poverty, but a distinctive black culture’ then I really do question his suitability to govern over a multicultural and diverse society for these sentiments and lets call them what they are ‘Racist’ opinions are what one would expect of someone in such an influential position.

Was it not also Mr Blair who supporting the changes to the race laws and in The Race Relations Act 1976 (as amended by the Race Relations (Amendment) Act 2000? This Act states the statutory obligations that public bodies should have due regard for in all aspects of their business, both internally and externally are: Elimination unlawful racial discrimination, Promote equality of opportunity; and Promote good race relations between people of different racial groups. I am assuming that the business of the governing of the United Kingdom is exempt from such good practise? And they need not promote anything positive. (Valid point, thinks Twining, if Mr Blair stated what he is suggested of stating).

For those who are wondering why the likes of the Commission for Racial Equality have not robustly put Mr Blair in his place and demanded his resignation, then do not worry, for the CRE has failed to be challenging for many years now. Perhaps it is the prospect of a ‘glittery’ bauble at the end of ones term that silences the past Chairs? The handing out of baubles to our ancestors has kept Black and Asian people nicely in their place for hundreds of years now so why should things change. (Twining has also argued this before. Baubles my foot! Even the NBPA or some in the NBPA rely on baubles).

I am at the end of my Policing career now, but still find strange that alleged champions of Human Rights and equality such as the Association of Chief Police Officers, the Superintendents Association or and even the Police Federation have remained silent on these statement when they actually are fully aware that there is no evidence to support such a stance. (Our leaders are cowards? This is a question from Twining. Not a statement.)

The National Black Police Association themselves only managed a half hearted attempt at a opposing their ‘Masters’ words. Perhaps all these bodies are also not wishing to miss out on a trinket or two? Mr Blairs comments support the opinion of ‘the inherent criminality of Black men’ will ultimately lead to further racial profiling and we will witness further abuses against the Black and Asian communities that are already disproportionately represented at the bottom of the socio-economic pile.

Was it not Mr Blair that supported the Community Cohesion Agenda Programme to combat the causes of criminality? This very programme is based not on the ‘nature’ argument towards the development of criminality or anti-social behaviour but on the ‘nurture’ aspect. Such Ministers such as Hazel Blears was a champion of this on behalf of Mr Blair’s government. Unfortunately the findings of this programme realised that the solutions are not short term and as such vote catching, but required long term investment which included not just money but putting the right people in the right places at the right time to achieve results.

Since the London bombings unfortunately the visionary approach has all been brushed to one side in favour of short term enforcement programmes akin to the dreaded ‘Zero Tolerance’ days. Many of the past supporters to a more enlightened approach to policing have been silenced by the present intolerant and xenophobic quick fix approach to not just dealing with crime but all many aspects of policy making which includes our present dreadful foreign policy.

One thing is for sure Mr Blair views which are an anachronism means that he can now proudly sit alongside the other ‘Great’ Eugenicists such as Charles Darwin, Winston Churchill and Adolf Hitler to name but a few. I do agree with Mr Blair on one thing though, we should not let political correctness get in the way of the debate, so lets call a racist bigot just that when they are discovered. (Twining says, has Blair been wrongly advised? Crime in the Black community does exist, but so does poverty. Does poverty not cause crime? If Blair has been ignorant then we can forgive him. What are your thoughts?

Monday, April 09, 2007

Praise Ayatollah Khomeni!

He made the decision. This is my 102'nd post and no one wished me a Happy Birthday! My personal belief is that the UK troops were not in Iranian territory, but the Iranians have been waiting for such an opportunity, and there job was to make a stand against the loud words of America in relation to Nuclear power. Iran are not going to give in. In essence Iran are stating clearly they have clout too.

Bearing in mind the British troops were not in disputed waters this was a publicity stunt for Iran; internally it will have sparked further ill feeling of the West, namely the USA and of Britain. The big question is, are the Iranians supporting Iraqi insurgents? And if so, why?

What I found particularly abhorrent, and I use the word abhorrent because my Chief Constable uses the word too, though I mean it; was the blindfolding, the cocking of weapons, etc.

This together with the separation of Faye Turner and feeding her with lies as a control mechanism, plus the slideshow of these personnel on Iranian TV admitting they were in the wrong, was the message that the Iranian Politicians wanted their people to know.

This was a psychological show of publicity and lies and Iran have done nothing here to curb any view that they are corrupt in the manner in which they executed the capture of the personnel and the manner in which they used these people for their own political gains. I am afraid this has done nothing to aid good community and race relations.

I have added this last piece today, 09/04/07, having read that Faye Turner was advised that she may never see her child again. If Faye Turner says this happened then I have no right to doubt her. It is now very clear why Faye looked the way she did when the Iranians paraded her. Now, some may say I am Anti Islamic in my view that Iran should be condemned for their behaviour, and British Muslims should stand by Britain on this, but no one deserves their Human Rights abused in this way. What Iran did to Faye Turner is wrong whether British Muslims agree or not, it is simply wrong. British Muslims must therefore speak out and condemn Iran’s treatment of Turner.

Anonymous said...Agreed, in the current climate, this has done no-good at all. What makes me really angry is that certain groups will seize on this for their own poisened ends, and that some people will no doubt listen.Happy (belated) Birthday by the way!

Friday, April 06, 2007

An answer to a question

Society's work by majority rule. Hence the majority are White, probably Christian. When these people make decisions they do so from their own value base, from their own experience and upbringing. Our leaders make their decisions around race based on their own understanding. However they seem to believe that even though they have not walked in another man's shoes, they can make qualified decisions for them.

If society is based on inequalities, then those in power will not rock the boat, which actually took them upwards, and onwards because this would go against something which has given them value and which will develop their future career. These are Liberals. They write all sorts of polices under the roof to show change but when it comes to doing the action of change, they do the opposite. They are skilled liars.In essence one could argue that institutional racism and denial is a part of ongoing bullying culture. From my personal experience there are some Senior Officer's, Inspector’s, Chief Inspector’s, Superintendent’s and very Senior Officer’s, I would not trust. The lower ranks might be ignorant, but those at the top only trust their guarded few and these are the real institutional racists. Those at the top do not wish to see racism in their force. Hence any claims will be strongly denied, and then fought vigorously. Therefore this is not very accepting of Diversity.

In the same breath these people wish to recruit more ethnic minority colleagues. But if these colleagues do not wish to join, what is the likely calibre of those that do join? I, personally, feel standards have dropped. In an effort to increase minority ethnic numbers, some better White officers might miss out. This may then explain why we have seen a rapid rise in the number of minority ethic officer’s having a negative intervention. Standards to recruit have dropped. If this is the case, who then picks up the pieces? The average odd BPA member will not care an iota. There are few and far between who might care. But have we set some Black people up to fail?

Policing has a very special place in relation to race relations. Remember we are the police. Hence the minority ethnic communities will come into contact with us. Imagine they are being marginalised from all walks in society from social services to Health to education, and then this continues for years and years. The children grown up, trying to make a better life and experience racism’s and the police represent society, and society largely marginalise them. Inevitably where these kids cannot get wealth legitimately they may turn to crime. The next generation of Asian, particulalry Islamic kids in particlular in marginalised areas will fight back violently. It is only a matter of time. And they will have access to guns.

In large urban populated areas drugs and guns and knives will come out. People might turn against their own or against anyone else. This becomes a dog eat dog world on the streets of London, Birmingham, Nottingham, Manchester, etc. How these marginalised groups react to us is as important as how we react to them. As I said we are the final piece of the jigsaw between them, and I am talking about these masses in urban areas, and the Government. Policing therefore has a special role. And if Governments and the Home office do not change the ass of the Race Relation's Act then we will see violence.

Can we as a service lead? Our leaders from points merely care about maintaining inequality, so they cannot lead. But we can. Police officers at front line are the people that make changes happen in race relations. No one else has this power. But as new communities come in race relation’s evolve. A once marginalised community might become established. Let’s not let the higher echelon’s fool people into believing they care, they do not care at all. Last week I read Police Review and there was a fantastic article about multiculturalism from a TV presenter, and then there was a horrendous Liberal and useless article from a Commander Gibson. His understanding of race is dire, but worse still he thinks he knows everything. The article from Gibson said little of value, and these are the people we entrust with race equality. If anyone get’s a chance do read both articles. One is excellent, Gibson's though, is worth a Twining gong. I think that is Commander Gibson in the centre of the picture. You have been gonged Commander Gibson! You are a worthy contender for writing such dire dire rubbish on multiculturalism. You are in the league of Liberal organisational spin.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

More funding please...

Police Review readers last week will have noted the debate about disability and a hierarchy. It is quite ambiguous to suggest that Disability is on the lowest rungs of the Diversity ladder because what is perhaps implied is that race heads the top of any perceived hierarchy. Race is certainly not at the top of any perceived hierarchy and I will explain how and why I form this conclusion. How many enquires had the service had in relation to race? (1) Firstly Scarman, (2) Macpherson, (3) The Secret Policeman Documentary, (3) The Morris enquiry, and (4) The CRE Report of 2005. The systemic resistance to anti racism within the service is clearly evident because in the period between the race riots of the 80's and 2005 police leaders have consistently failed race.

Note, I certainly am not saying individual officers of the PC or Sergeant rank failed, but when one becomes an Inspector delusions of grandeur and loyalty take over. Indeed these people have not by and large. Why then has race if race is perceived as being in pole position on a Diversity hierarchy? The answer is simple. Police Leaders have and STILL continue to raise the PR profile of race in terms of policies, yet the attitudes and behaviours of organisation's resemble institutional racism. The BPA as an anti racist movement is not currently fit for purpose and this is evidenced by a rise in separate faith related police organisations focusing on difference rather than the common theme of race. A colleague referred to the use of "tokenism", using a more acquiescing ear, as mere plantation politics and Senior Officer’s might contemplate this current analogy of "tokenism" to slavery. I am afraid the NBPA must take some blame also for allowing the abuse of BPA's. It is a reality that even within the Diversity agenda there is some contempt for race issues. Even the GPA and NBPA appear lost souls, not recognising the significant differences between race and disability. But they continue to bark!

It is misleading and dangerous to imply that there is a hierarchy in diversity not forgetting that race leads to burning building, (riots), assaults and murders. Such implied views of a hierarchy are unfruitful and just show how far the selected few are behind in relation to the race agenda. This should then question their commitment. Interestingly the NBPA has lapped this up, (incompetence).

"A racist society has institutions which effectively maintain inequality between members of different groups, in such a way that the open doctrine is unnecessary, or even operated partly by individuals who are not themselves racist in their beliefs still have the effect of making and perpetuating is perfectly possible for an institution to be racially exclusive in fact without a single word or notice or an internal memo, or a constitution making this plain: it is indeed perfectly possible for it to be racist in spite of written statements and exhortations to the contrary."

Such is the complexity of race relations that Dr Dunnett argued in 1973 that racism can be practised without a mutter of any racist words. It is unfortunate fact of racism therefore that people deem it necessary to even consider the position that Disability is at the bottom of any perceived hierarchy. The implied message is disturbing; that race gets some priority. Diversity should not be viewed in this way. Policing currently has significant race related issues, for example terrorism, immigration, racist murders, gun crime and the arrival of new minority ethnic communities? Our primary role is to police. I have long heard how other minority groups have argued that race is given an unfair advantage.

As I have argued, if race was given an unfair advantage, why are independent external reports condemning the police leadership and society for it’s lack of an anti racist stance? If independent reports consistently question us, then this shows that race is nowhere near where it should be and those crying wolf, including the GPA and NBPA, are playing a game of limited understanding. All this is, is an attempt to secure same funding, but with diverse needs and impacts that will never happen! After all, disability does not cause murder or riots.