Sunday, December 31, 2006

Guilty of illegally tapping Asian officer's phone calls - but what of Jarrett?

Sir Ian has done it again, in shirt sleeve order with no tie, and his bag carriers are now nowhere to be seen. I genuinely feel sorry for Sir Ian.Please find an extract: "Reacting to the tribunal's ruling, NBPA president Keith Jarrett said: "It is a blatant abuse of executive power. This is an attempt to undermine the NBPA and shows that racism is still very much alive in the Metropolitan Police."

I really don't like the way Ali has been treated by the Met. There are some shocking revelations. This really is a two tier system for Jarrett is a part of the problem. Jarrett and others like him are incompetent and play games with the subject of race.

The above individual has himself, Jarrett that is, in my opinion played the "race" card when, to gain a position of power for himself, he "culled" the legs of an honest and Senior member of the NBPA. He has done this twice to my knowledge. I have no doubt that Jarrett has been groomed.....but for what? Let's go back to the days of slavery, from whom did the slave traders purchase Black people? From other Black people of course....

I have seen a document written by Jarrett prior to him becoming the President of the NBPA. The document was an absolute whitewash, I can say no more about this document, and those members of the NBPA that took part in this "culling" in my opinion are not only ignorant, but corrupt. Why? Because the organisation has given them power, and they abused the power to the satisfaction of the organisation and to their personal satisfaction.

Keeping intelligent Black and Asian people under control is current race relations in policing and if Black colleagues are used to "cull", so what? My view is that this behaviour, the behaviour of some in power in the NBPA, this "culling" is immoral, corrupt and dangerous....I don't think Ali is like that though; there is a stark difference between Jarrett and Dizaie. Ali is intelligent and I certainly would not expect any support from Jarrett, in my opinion, can be likened to a barking dog, he might appear fierce, can bite, is easily led, but has no intelligence.

I accept that this is a blatant attempt by the Met to undermine the NBPA, but frankly Jarrett and his contemporaries have done a splendid job of this themselves. Chand described this behaviour when he referred to the Met, "untouchable and out of control" in referring to the treatment of Ali. I agree with Chand but remember Jarrett and those that groom others are untouchable. And these people know exactly who they are, they certainly are not my brothers or sisters, they are as racist as some racist White people I know, but it suits to have such an incompetent BPA because the institution can keep it on side when it wants and stuff it when it wants, and it will not know any better. Has Jarrett abused his executive power?

(This entry is dedicated to the officer whose legs were culled, and the stress that some in the NBPA movement have caused this individual).

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Unmasked: the veiled RACIST White Muslim convert

Go to this link folks:

This woman is a convert to Islam. Courtesy of Channel 4 she broadcasted her Christmas message. She was veiled during this programme. Why? In simple terms her views are racist, bigoted and dangerous. She says she represents moderate Islam. The views are not moderate at all folks.I am left flabber- gasted at what I read..... In my view this person is as racist as a follower of the NF.I follow my own faith, I certainly do not want to be converted to Islam or Christianity, and I would be offended if someone tried to convert me. No faith should demean another faith and when one is trying to convert others, that is exactly what one is doing; demeaning other faiths. This is a joke: Channel 4 gave a racist air time.....Just in case there are any Met colleagues, I am sure we will be watching this individual. If we are not, why aren't we? This is an extract from the Daily Mail: " She works for the radical Minhaj ul Qur'an group from its UK base at a mosque in nearby Forest Gate - running a "sisters' group" for other female Muslims, travelling the country making converts, and broadcasting on Asian local radio stations. Minhaj ul Qur'an was established in Pakistan, but operates in 92 countries, and aims to convert the whole world in Islam. In Pakistan the religious group has a political wing - the Pakistan People Movement - which boasts it is "actively working to establish an Islamic state in Pakistan" to ensure "muslims have an international voice and political power to relieve the ongoing oppression and subjugation of muslims around the world". " She lives in Barking, East London. If you read the article, you will see that she describes Non believers in a particular way....I am not a rat, that is all I am prepared to say....If the NBPA was truly anti racist I would expect it to stand up and say, "We do not support the views of this individual." The problem is it won't. Why? So when we consult with some in the NBPA we have to decide what is really anti racist.........

Saddam Hussein - hung - 30/12/06

Friday, December 29, 2006

2006 Award Winners - Orange

These are worth viewing. They are great..... Got them from Orange. (1) The Borat international relations award. (2) Monty Panesar's picked up cult status for his inability to bat or field, but also for his wicket-taking ability and bizarre celebration in which he misses almost every high five offered to him. (3) The return of Superman to the big screen seemed to be the inspiration for this David James £250 barnet - that's the only answer we can come up with for his Brylcreem shambles.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Jingle Bells

I just heard it on the radio, and it went like this. It was Asian radio and local, but anyway.

Jingle bal-eh, (as in bale bale),
Jingle Bal-eh,
Jingle all the way,
Oh what fun it is to ride on a....
Then the presenter forgot the words.
I could not but help smile....
I thought whats this Bal-eh bal-eh business....
But you know what, he described Christmas day as an auspicious day,
an auspicious day, is a term used in Asian faiths.
The presenter said it was a special day for it was the birth of the Messiah. Even with a laugh and a joke,
the key is,
the presenter respected the day.
That is the key to race and diversity.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Ramps has done it!

Mark Ramprakash has won the Strictly Come Dancing thing. Well done that man. He was picked off as a sporting cricketer at the age of 17. Mark Ramprakash is recognised as one of the most gifted and talented batsman of his generation.

I love Matt Dawson, in a non gay way, I am not gay by the way. But, Mark Ramprakash and others in his generation paved the way for the likes of Mahmood and Panesar. Indians or Anglo Indians and mix cultures in British sport is about role models and all this publicity will do Indo English race relations good.

We can't measure the impact I know. One thing I do know is that the likes of Panesar, Mahmood and Ramprakash are not sell outs, unlike some of my Black colleagues sitting in BPA's. So I am happy.

Don't arrest on Christmas Day - my foot?

This is going pear shaped and I am embarrassed at what I hear and read. So we don't now arrest on Christmas day, or Ramadan or Diwali. This can't be carte blanche, Jesus, Dear Lord, help us! Stupid, stupid, stupid or what? Before we decide whether we are going to arrest we go back to the premise, does the alleged crime warrant an arrest? Is there a "race" impact?

This is the question that needs to be tackled not bloody carte blanche, but in all cases. Just because it is Ramadan, does not mean I would tell my shift not to arrest for warrant, or for a crime. I am sorry. I might not arrest if the alleged allegations might be false, or it was going nowhere, for genuine reasons, but Ramadan, or Diwali are not generic reasons.

Of course, Areas where there are large minority communities might consider the implications and we do not want riots, but we are there to police, to preserve life and prevent crime. Any Management Team that thinks differently quite frankly are talking from their Colonial, I dare not say it. Think again, it is not about not arresting during Ramadam, respect for diversity is about not making monkey noises outside a Black man's cell, or, in other words whether we can treat people with dignity. Those Managers that think otherwise, I am afraid are dinosaurs and Colonial brats seeking promotions. To fear a faith or community is not the way forwards; in fact it is a dire step backwards.

And I am peeved to say the least, that these fools have the brain capacity to suggest race and diversity is about not arresting people during religious times. Inspector G, DC, PC Southwest, Panda, PC Bloggs, what is going on? Ali G even? And what do the NBPA think? My point exactly! Why are they not saying anything? Where is the guidance from the NBPA? There is no central or local guidance to challenge these absurd Management views. Inspector G, don't let me go on one please....You know my views....

Saturday, December 23, 2006

What does the name Twining mean?

Boy, do I want to get to 50 blogs rapidly. This is number 49. There's nothing wrong with my name, Twining, is there? What do you think Twining means? No stupid answers please......And how did the name come about?.......

Christian couple challenge council and are pursued

Have a read! I cannot understand under what remit this was handled or investigated. I do understand we might have to record homophobic and racist non-crime incidents, but how far do we go? Is this going too far? Why did those in charge not stop this going the way it did? The answer is simple, those in power assume those below them understand, whilst neither seem to have a clue.

Why then do we put certain Black people in power that do not have a clue? Views, for example, which might rightly stand against Islam, are viewed as Anti Islamic, and the views might be Anti Islamic, but if the views are Anti Racist, then it is Islam that has to move for the Anti Racist views not the Anti racist views, for Islam. One has to remember that Islam will not always be right and Anti Racist views will challenge any views that are racist. In other words the Islamic views might be racist.

Currently and wrongly within the NBPA, it is this way round for even in the NBPA there is a lack of understanding. Those in power outside of the NBPA don't care about these wrangling because they know that if the NBPA behaves silly and they have some control over it, then there will be no change in the status quo. This just shows how leaders have undermined race and diversity to political correctness gobbledegook. For years some of us have been saying to police leaders, stop playing games with the subject of race and diversity, don't go into denial, don't become defensive, and if you are going to train police officer's then do so with dignity and respect for the subject matter.

Instead they wish, some of us would just go away, they "shoo" us away and promote their prodigy. Were these people ever likely to pose a threat to the stability of a community? Could this have been handled differently? There is nothing wrong in recording matters, then we build up a picture of trends and intelligence, if there is any, but really was it so necessary to investigate and pursue to this extent? Any changes to the understanding of "race" and diversity inside the service that don't have a clue will allow us to do what we do best, and allow a decent memory to the lives of Lawrence, etc.

I have to say therefore that this type of change is tedious, menial and USELESS just like those that pursue these "tokenistic" gains. Again, where are the NBPA on this? Not a mention from them or sight or sound of them can be found on this matter. Still it's better not to say anything, that way, no one will know just how incompetent we might be hmm. No doubt some are slithering because inside the NBPA, HOMOPHOBIA is a bit of an issue. See some in the NBPA, and look closely, for you will find them, have actually sold their souls for a "sushi" number.

If you don't believe me find out what precise qualifications your NBPA Nat exec member has in race and diversity and when they came on board. Then ask yourself why, even within the NBPA, the established group, will out those that are Black, with a proven track record, but are genuinely working for and with the benefit of the service in mind. Your answer will lie in the fact that some are in it for themselves. THE NBPA ARE CURRENTLY NOT GOVERNED. IF ONE HAS A COMPLAINT THEN ONE MIGHT AS WELL WEE IN THE WIND.........

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

I have been tagged by Annette

I was rather hoping that I could have the type of tag that asks me 10 things I would like to do, if I had the opportunity, money no cost, in my life. But, alas, in this day and age, I have been given one opportunity. But I am going to cheat aha! There are two things I would like to do. One profesionally and one personally. So here goes: (1) ProfesSSionally I want to go back in time, turn back the clock, and if I could I would wish that all those killed in this country because of the colour of their skin, were still here with us. I mean everyone, absolutely everyone. (2) Personally I would love to travel from North of India to the South, visit the Holy places in India, that is something we should do in our lives at least once. My mother and father are elderly, I wish I could take them with me. They have made me who I am. I also want to go to Moses Mountain.
Right, here come the other 8 that Annette did not ask for. I can't help it.
(3) I am grateful that I have met good colleagues on the way. I think Copperfield is one, I haven't met him really, but Gadget and SouthWest, and extra special and Bizzie. And you and Zebra. It would be nice to meet. Oops and Panda Tales and PC Bloggs too. (4) I want a house with some land here, where I can just chill and where there is no Joe Public anywhere in sight. (5) I would love to have properties all over the World and be able to hop on a plane and go to Egypt, The Algarve, France, Brazil, Florida, India, and Sri Lanka. In other words, if I had properties in thes countires I would just travel. (6) I wish that there was no war in Iraq and Afghanistan currently. (7) I would reduce the rank structures and get rid of those additional officer's at certain ranks that we don't require. I would reduce the numbers of CS's, Supt's and C\I's for sure. I would enhance the role of front line operational response officer's and beat officer's and put more resources in these areas quickly. (8) I would get HR reviewed and get them working in line with policing. (9) I would ask Tariq Ghaffur why it has taken him so long to have spoken out honestly. (10) I would bring back Princess Diana. Don't anyone call me a Romantic. She was wonderful. Absoutely stunning and my nephews remind me of the Two Princes, but they don't take cannabis. My nephews don't, I mean.

Thursday, December 14, 2006


Now, if you are a throw back from the 1970's eh-hum then you’ll have to sing along with me.

There he goes just a walkin down the street,
singin doo a didli didli dum didli dee.
Wearing fancy epaulettes,and waddling his feet,
smiling," we're achieving on race equality."

It's fine; it's fine,you won't make me change my mind,
we achievin on race equality.
Doo a diddli didli dum didli dee.


Dis jobs mine,all won make me change my mind.
I got da BPA on ma side, Ha ha.
Doo a didli didli dum didli dee.

One year later he waddling down da street,singin, I gonna be the new Chief,I got Keith Vaz on ma side,so you can kick my pride, innit.
Doo a didli didli dum didli dee.

Den years later Muslim youth begin a fight.
Now he don't sing bout race equality.
Hiding him face as he walkin down da street, he cries,
Dis has happened because of me.
Now I see no race equality, MAN.

Crying, dis ain’t fine,I must have lost my mind,
CHA,singin boo a didli didli dum didli dee.
Den a few YEARS laters he seen in da Caribbean,
sporting dreadlocks,and smokin da spliff.

Singing I gonna change this crap i-eee.
With his chest spread proud he sings,
I is the first Chief with Dreadlocks.
Singing doo a didli didli dum didli dee.

Yipee! Monty For Chief

You know, I woke up and heard the news. No, sadly, for some, I am not migrating to India yet, though I think Bizzie would like it there because there are no harassment’s to deal with! But, Monty Panesar took 5 wickets, claimed some amazing wicketting scalps, and Harmisson took 4. Freddie was right. What a formidable team. Duncan Fletcher was wrong just like some other people I know. I love Monty. Well done England! Hmmm. And this is after all the threats the abuse, the intimidating, what the Aussies would call, initiation! And yes I love his celebration's. The precise impact of these images on community and race relations cannot be measured I think. It is simply too early. Maybe we will see less racial assaults by either party on either party, who knows? That might be the short term impact. But the more we see a smiling Monty, the more we realise that a Turban is normal now, it is not something we need to laugh at. Yet, in Scotland a few weeks ago a Sikh lad had his Turban ripped off and his hair cut. This is where I would like to see the NBPA movement, standing up and saying, what happened in Scotland was not right. I accept Ali's case is critical, and I support him 100%, but the Human Rights of this lad are equally critical. That is where and why I say we have a not so competent NBPA.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

To migrate to India where....

I have a dream, where there is peace in Kashmir, where Muslims do not kill Hindu's and Hindu's do not kill Muslims. And they all together, Muslims and Hindus, do not rob foreigners, (the British), for their Nike trainers, Seiko watches and sterling. In India there is no such thing as harassment or equality. If you think you are being harasssed you go to your local police station, or local policing unit. You sit in front of the Inspector and give him your statement, your notes. He, the Inspector, has a moustache and a stick and wears "Brylcream just like me and Mr Ghaffur," but he does not smiles. No silly, not Mr Ghaffur. I don't have a moustache by the way. The Inspector wears stars on his shoulders, I say he, because there are very few she's. And if there were more she's they would kick butt, I tell you. He sits behind his desk and eats "pan" and sips tea. The complainant talks. The Inspector doesn’t listen, he just says, (hanji - yes - repeatedly). As if he’s interested! In front of him are his cells. Yes, they are HIS CELLS, not the custody officer's. What's a Custody Officer? You see, the Inspector is judge, jury and executioner for the time someone is in custody or eh-hum being tortured. And around the table with him are his CID . Their uniform is blue jeans, a checked shirt and a moustache of course. They are all playing cards whilst the man tries to make a complaint. There were no section 9 statements. There are not any. After a few minutes the Inspector rips the complaint up, waves his stick and hits the complainant on the backside as he is kicked out and told never to return. If this was in 1993 in the UK then he might have put the piece of paper in his pocket, just like in the Macpherson Report. Is this a way to deal with harassment I wonder? Hmm. Then a weary looking character walks in, he is Indian, of stocky build, has a shaved head, and he wears a"tilak". He just sits down as if he owns the joint. And no, whilst he wears a "tilak" he is not a priest! Argh !!!! I think. This is my worst mightmare. He’s the local mafia dressed up as a priest. He pays the Inspector, they smile, and two scruffy looking detainees are released to harass others so that the bald man can continue to demand money by menaces. Who else is in the cells I wonder? Unsurprisingly, huddled in the corner is a meek and vulnerable man, who probably is renting a home, and is as honest as the day. That is the person that was in the cells, and he will be there until he can pay the Mafiosa boss off or until his family can. That is the way it works. The poor remain poor. Whilst at home his wife and children will be worried. The "Mafia" man walks free. I know whose butt I would like to kick! And I will tell you more of what butt I have kicked when I was out there, and boy was it good! I did nothing unlawful I will have you know!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Dr Dizaei

I have met Ali many a time. He may have made mistakes but genuinely I do not believe him to be corrupt. He is an intelligent and outspoken police officer. I heard on the news that his phone was tapped. OK, I understand allegations of corruption, but actually there was no CORRUPTION. I wonder what confidential information the Met Police now have about the state of the NBPA and the advice given to those that Ali was supporting. It is so easy for the mainstream organisation to allege that individual support groups are corupt.

Can the service give any promises that confidentiality will be maintained or will they be laughing at the internal wranglings within the NBPA movement? Don't get me wrong.

I believe we do need an NBPA, but we need people in the NBPA that do not practice prejudices, that have qualifications in race relations, that have an understanding of policing, and that actually when there are tensions in places like the West Mids, they are able to pick up there coat and go quickly to advise. But at the moment it is a job for the "boys." But all we get is they go, and there is hmming and arring.

We do not need "nodding dogs". Ali certainly is not a "nodding dog" and I love him to bits, just like Monty, but he remains the only really qualified person in the movement. This is the history of the NBPA movement. Who is allowed in? Who is not?

As stupid as it may sound, remember the shooting of the young Black man in the West Mids as a result of an attack on two Asian males, following on from last years disturbances. I feel some of these, like the young Black man that was shot are innocent victims of hatred. I don't know if this man has previous. But, we should have been able to sense this tension.

Our PCSO's and local officers will feel this same tension in the community the same time probably next year. What we must do is engage the community. That means we get into shops, we mix with all communities, we identify troublemakers, we get to know everyone, it is a hard role, but it is key policing, not detection chasing. This is about proactively preventing race hate crime. OK, we can flood the area, but that might not be the answer.

We must ensure that deprived areas have dedicated and resourced teams that know the communities inside out. Other than this I can think of no fail-safe. This is about good old fashioned beat policing on foot and in cars and loving these communities, which incidentally most of us do, but we are forced away elsewhere; towards Home office Targets. These local officer's, some of whom have dedicated their service to marginalised communities, are the eyes and ears of trouble brewing. Interestingly I was at Conference when Ali was to speak, and another Asian officer who I thought was in the pockets of Chief Officer's so to speak, not literally, and not financially, but nudge nudge wink wink, you know what I mean, was going to stand up and criticise Ali if he spoke. I wonder what this Asian officer had been offered. This was an attempt to keep Ali quiet. Who was behind it? But who did the dirty work? I have never since trusted this Asian colleague. This is an example of a "sell out" who had power.

Sunday, December 10, 2006


I wanted to negotiate some questions here and answers for those that read these blogs to give people an understanding of the NBPA:

QUESTION: How do people get into the higher offices of the NBPA?

It's pretty simple. Firstly your Chief must agree to release you before you can stand for election and you have to be on the National Executive. To get onto the NEC, National Executive that we call it, your local executive must vote you in. Interesting concept. Who thought about this silly idea that one's Chief has to release you before you can be elected? This is a good example of equal opportunity, not! If you are likely to rock the boat and not compromise on race issues, forget it, you are out.

(2) What type of local BPA's are there?

Well, essentially I think there are three types.

(a) Those where the Chair goes, "Yes sir, no sir, three bags full Sir" and pander to the Chiefs in the hope that they will get some benefit in the fussier, shh promotion or something. Did I say that? These then essentially are "sell outs."

(b) Then there are those that challenge injustices. They just want the truth, they don't necessarily want people sacked. They favour education, but because these types of BPA's bring bad news, they are dealt with at an arm's distance, whilst the above type are welcomed.

(c) Then there are those that do nothing. They have no clue why they are there. They just "exists" because someone is likely to get promoted on the back of these things: you know , if they set up a BPA.

(3) What about "jollies?"

Well, I know Black officers who attend the federation Conference for a "piss up", these are the same people that have career BPA goals, but end up on the same "piss up." Not all BPA members are interested in "jollies."

(3) Is there sexism in the NBPA?

Without a shadow of a doubt there is sexism. I believe male colleagues in power have made sexual advances towards other female colleagues. One could all this sexual harassment.

(4) And what about racism inside the NBPA?

I think you just need to look at the historical make up of the NBPA. In positions of power you will not find many Asian colleagues, and that is because there is this old institutionalised practice called "grooming." One person or a group of people within a group "groom" the next leader. nd the next leader is "groomed" not on skills, abilities or qualifications. Most of the qualified people are left out as I have said, the next leader is groomed on how they compare to the person that is "grooming " them, in terms of an understanding.

(5) And what if one wants to complain about the NBPA? Well, you can try, but if the leadership disagrees with you, they "clam" up and gang up, just like the organisation does.

This is just a brief insight. I am not saying that the NBPA is bad. What I am saying is that it could get it's act together, but dinosaurs refuse to move on. Where have I heard that one before? Hmmm.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Onwards Christian Soldiers

Forgive me if this post is found to be offensive to any readers, but even I do not understand this. Soon it will be the Chief Constable's carol concert. Recently I have been hearing, as in since last year, I have been hearing how the lyrics to the hymn above have been changed. I understand the situation we are in with Iraq and Afghanistan and Israel and Lebanon, and that some may view this as a war between Christianity and Islam. Therefore, clearly some light headed people might view the words above similarly. What I can't find out is the background of the hymn. The hymn itself is sung on Remembrance Day and this to me is about remembering the soldiers that died in the first and second world wars. Unless I am mistaken both wars related to Fascist power and both Christian and non-Christians fought together. In the North of India a very serious battle was won in the Second World War against the Japanese that marked a turning point in the history of World War II in relation to the Japanese. Indian and British troops stood together. In Italy, Indian troops were present yet again. The use of the words, Onwards Christian Soldiers does not offend me personally. Today, as in the present, in Lebanon, when the Israeli's accidentally bombed the NATO HQ, there is a picture of Indian soldiers. This image is a beautiful picture from the Times newspaper. Arguably, and I am not anti Islamic, but these wars are about two faiths, Christianity and Islam. Why then are the words to the hymn deemed so offensive? They relate to our history.

Friday, December 08, 2006

New police powers come in in 2007

I have just received valid information that Police Powers are to be amended yet again in early 2007. These powers update the Criminal Justice Act and some powers affect searches and anti terrorism. I note just recently in some Forces SOCAP was multi media trained. People don't read multimedia, they want to know what the changes are? How they affect them? And what they can do, and they need examples, basically they need a briefing or some training up front intervention. Folks, what do you think? How will these changes be delivered? What is the best way to deliver new changes to powers? HELP!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Race relations officer called Pc 'white pig'

"Race relations officer called Pc 'white pig' Nov 30 2006. In Wales A race relations officer narrowly escaped a prison term today for failing to provide a specimen for analysis and calling a police officer a "white pig". Muzaffar Hussain Chowdhury, who works for the Bridgend Community Cohesion Group of south Wales, was instead sentenced to a 12-month community supervision order and banned from driving for five years. Chowdhury, 63, of Suffolk Place, Porthcawl, south Wales, was charged with failing to provide a specimen and a racially aggravated offence contrary to Section 5 of the Public Order Act 1986 following an incident outside a pub on September 1. Bridgend magistrates’ court heard that when police officers arrived at the Swan Inn, Nottage, in Porthcawl, over a dispute between Chowdhury and a father and daughter following a car prang, they were met with abusive language. PC Scott Howe of South Wales Police was told to "F*** off, you white b****** pig" by Chowdhury when he asked him to take a breathalyser test." I found this on a search. This just supports the views about a false race relations industry that I think exists. This means that within that industry there will be good people and there will be bad people. The bad news for us as a service is how do we distinguish between the two. How the hell do people like these get in? My personal view is we need to look at who employed them. Even in CRE's there are battles for power, and those in power and managers are hardly likely to recruit someone that will make them look incompetent. It's the people that let these people in that are to blame. Genuine people are therefore mostly sometimes not let in because they rock the boat. This is not to say all people in the industry are bad. But the whole industry is not anti racist, is it, as this example shows us? I am saying no more. Suffice it too say I am having a bad blonde moment and a bad day! But do look around your Areas and inside and see who take up such posts in "race" and diversity. Some are genuinely good, some take the job as a "sushi" number, and some are simply allowed in because they will sing the "party" song. How these practices will prevent racial murders or even protect us in time of riots God knows, but clearly our managers know best.

Take that

"All I do each night is pray." Well their back, just like John Stevens, to tell us how it really is. And let's face it, I think Take That do a good job. And as for John Stevens and others that actually were told when they were in the job, "You have a problem Sir," and they had all these little troublemakers under them making noises; well actually the troublemakers were right. But these leaders didn't have the courage as leaders to challenge their own leadership, nor the Government. This type of leadership, the type of Sir John's, is leadership of the past.

It's a dinosaur type leadership I am afraid. It lacks courage and "oomph." Hmmm, and I wonder now how the bag carriers feel because actually these people who have since been promoted and are now the new elite are probably just like their, then, managers? Morale appears to be at an all time low.

Why do leaders behave like this and why is morale so low? Moving off the point, did you see those 36 year olds in Take That dancing. They moved some booty. And even more to the point when will Gadget an DC write in my blog?

Monday, December 04, 2006

Police Vehicle RTA

It was a cold night. A double crewed vehicle parks up to reverse into the yard of a house that is being repaired. The driver, class A, does not see a scaffold pole. The scaffold pole smashes the rear windscreen and such is the reversing manoeuvre that, the pole goes through the front windscreen to. The police officer's scratch their heads and think how they are going to explain it to the Sergeant. They drive off, stop nearby on a main road, and call up saying, "police vehicle RTA." The Sergeant duly arrives and sees two fresh holes, about the size that an Owl could go through, one in the front windscreen, and one in the back. They’re a bit symmetrical. The police officers, in fine style, state that they were driving along when they hit an owl, and the owl went through both the front and rear windscreen.
The Sergeant responds, " Why are there no feathers?" A creative excuse, surely there are other blinders!