Thursday, June 07, 2007

A training session with Twining

Southwest: Gadget’s asleep in the corner Twining. Shhh.

Twining: But I have only just started....

PC Bloggs: What are we going to do Twining? I’m excited.

Big fella to Franky: She’s getting excited!

Twining: Boys, boys, honestly. Before we go into any training, heath and safety first, this course is certified. I certify you all. If the fire alarm goes, then jump out of the window and follow me. OK.

Gadget: Snoring.

Twining: Now, in a circle please. Leave gadget there, we’ll circle around him. OK each one of you. What do you value most?

Franky: I value her, looking at Bloggs. Bloggs smiles :) profusely encouraging Franky. Hey Big fella, she says google eyed!

Twining: No silly…..Dufus. What do you value? Let's do a goldfish instead of a cricle now. All move!

Noddy: Sorry I’m late Twining.

Twining: It's OK, have you brought the chip with you?

Twining: VALUES now on the board.

Bloggs: Runs to the board and writes down HONESTY, INTEGRITY, FAMILY.

Southwest: Follows suit and writes down, SOUTHWEST, MUM, DAD.

Franky and Big fella: Go up together and copy Southwest.

Noddy: Writes something in Scottish, BEN NEVIS or something.

Twining: Oi Gadget. Noddy I can't read Scottish my freind. Can you not write in English?

Gadget: Who me, what? Do I have to? Why is Noddy wearing that hat?

Twining: Are you always this difficult? Yes you do.

Gadget: Yes, why?

Twining: Oi, what do you value? On the board please.

Gadget: Goes up to the board and writes: MY TEAM.

Twining: Goes ooooooooooooooooooo. And says you all, you value these things. Do Black and Asian and other minority ethnic people value similar things in the same proportion like? The answer is yes, they do value the same things, but perhaps sometimes there is conflict because of upbringing.

Southwest: What do you mean Twining.

Twining: Oi gadget wake up! Well, people are brought up differently, and their value system may be different. People negatise differences. That might cause conflict between generations in themselves. Also if we bring children up using negative terms about minority ethnic people then that slips through sometimes unwittingly, like that Emma character in Big Brother. She used the "n" word. Maybe down to her upbringing, somewhere, somehow she feels it’s OK to use search words. So it’s important how children are brought up in the family, in school and in society. vaules might also cause conflict within and between different minority groups also. Now, think about your upbringing and things you hear still and consider where the terms really come from in our upbringing.

Twining: Thats’ it for today, that Gadget, he’s out the door quick! See you all later, but before I go I would like you to think about some of the value systems of people from Somalia, and the Eastern European communities, and their experiences back home. Noddy, you have got to go all the way to Scotland so shall we do the next session on distance media learning. That'll teach that Gadget! Then TUPC runs in wearing the green ninja outfit, "Twining I got here as fast as I could." Twining says, "Too late Ninja warrior, but I love the bandana. Where's Raphael? Is that Annette with you?" UNPC replies, "OK back to fighting crime, no time for tea!" And with a whoosh TUPC is gone back to the streets of London. Annette you'll have to stay I say. Annette replies, "Tea twining?"


Noddy said...

Pee Pee,

Fit's at a' aboot min?


Noddy said...

I couldnae bring yon chappit tatties doon wi me, I'd be fair forfechan wi the wecht o' a yon eftir sic a lang trip doon tae Sassenach land. Onywiy I've a richt guid puddin an a pair o plooms unner ma kilt instead loon. Aye an I'm fair scunnered wi a' this stottin doon south to be telt a' aboot minorities. I divnae ken fit wiy I need telt a' aboot that fit wi bein een masel. I'm richt dumfoonert wi a' is. Jist pit a yon sharn on a podcast an I'll dae ma briefin masel on ma AyePod.

Fer mair doric hae a keek at 'is blog. It's nae affy coothy tho!

Twining says: said...

I understand you fully Noddy! I know what you mean.OK I given In, havena clue what your saying dude other than you don't want to travel South, and something about your kilt! Argh right IPOD, you like indian music! No worries, we can arrage that.

Anonymous said...

Great post, can you do our next training course??!!

Twining says: said...

Thank you anonymous! I will oblige on this site, but I doubt that the powers would be would allow me in.

Annette said...

yes very funny.

But I wish noddy wouldn't speak scottish....I don't understand a word of it!!

Are you surprised?!

Twining says: said...

Annette, even I don't know how my brain works sometimes...These things just roll off...Noddy's on about some boot, must be the boot of his car or something. Maybe he's bringing us all presents from Noddy land. Yes, yes, he's bringing me an IPOD.

Noddy said...

Annette & Pee Pee,

You'll like this film then.

The Loon

PC South West said...

As long as it's not going to be death by flip chart!!

Noddy I once arrested a heavily drunk Glaswegian. He may as well been from China, I had no idea what he was saying. Fortunately one of my team was fellow Scot and was able to translate.

Noddy said...

I dinna unnerstaun weegies masel.

totallyun-pc said...

Robot dance, Hat stand, Fish.... you get me?

Twining says: said...

Goldfish bowl! Nice to see that the hero is still about.

PCFrankyFact said...

I rather value the fine relaxing qualities of a good bottle of bourbon.