Thursday, November 30, 2006

Real incident - racial assault

It’s Guy Fawlkes night and you are working an area where there are not many minority ethnic people. There are many youths gathering down the road about 600 yards away from a lone Asian youth who is walking towards the groups.

Is your focus the groups of youths gathering further down, and what they might be doing? There is plenty of police activity where the youths are and that is where we are naturally focussed.

The Asian youth, is still about 300 yards away from you, is stopped by three White youths, one of whom tells the youth to go back to his own country. The youths stands and one of the white youths throws two punches at the Asian youth. The second makes contact. The Asian youth reacts to the racist abuse and violence and a scuffle takes place. The White youth backs off.
  1. What could have happened had the Asian youth not defended himself? You actually didn’t see any of this because you were concentrating on the groups of youths.
  2. Can we work better? Can we work smarter? Is there anything wrong in approaching youths in a minority if they are alone. Do we need to alter our focus of patrol sometimes?
  3. Do you think the Asian youth might report this incident?
  4. So are there issues in Areas where Asian youth are a minority?
  5. The youth is British born. What view might he have of the police?
    How can we change these views?
  6. What would have happened if we had just seen the Black youth hit the White youth, with one White victim and two witnesses?

In short what I am saying is, we can be more preventative, if we change our focus sometimes. Racism can exist anywhere, not just in areas where Asian people are in a minority. Views please.....Asian youth born here are now fighting back, it is our questionning skills and integrity that might save innocent victims from being criminalised.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Copperfield - SKY newsflash

I can imagine it now. Sky newsflash at 9pm. The newsreader says, "PC Copperfield's book received critical acclaim as he took on the establishment. A charity has stepped in to issue one book to each serving officer in the country below the rank of Chief Inspector. The Police Federation received this news warmly. Jan Berry commented, "Hoo-haa. Ride them cowboy!" Hmm, when I heard this, I thought what does she mean? Oh, then I though, it must have been coincidental, because the time she is alleged to have made this irregular remark was the same time we got the pay rise.

The books are out of supply and we have just heard that one Senior Officer's were caught in the locker room at a busy police station trying to get hold of a copy of this book. As the officer was caught in someone else's locker, he had committed, an crime of attempted theft. He was duly detained. On interview he cried, and said he had no intent to deprive, he just wanted a copy for himself. He pleaded for a PND so the story goes. Instead the officer was then issued with an admonishment from the DCC. Story has it, the DCC asked if there were any spare copies going for free. In a conversation between the two it is believed that both met later and went on to ebay where the books were going at £100 a time. Meanwhile ACPO were to hold an urgent meeting on the impact of this book. Sources nearby said, the meeting rooms were filled with grunts. An ACPO press release read. "We are currently reviewing this book." End of newsflash.

Monday, November 27, 2006

A new Force!

As I was having my breakfast I thought what would a progressive Police Force look like in terms of senior people. I have gone for my taste or lack of it in music to find these leaders. For starters I would want Bob Marley to be the new Chief Constable of this Force. And this has nothing to do with cannabis; I have never tried it. Marley knows right from wrong and I love his dreadlocks. Can you imagine all the Senior team having to take on Marley's accent innit, "One love." Then as the DCC I would want that guy, who sang, "hit me with your rhythm stick, hit me, hit me." Because if I did do something wrong, I would be hit and then we move on, no grudges would be held.

So I have two have to Assistant Chief Constables. Blondie, Madonna, or Lulu I am not sure has to be one, because they are young at heart. And I met LULU too, she was great! The other ACC would have to be Bruce Springsteen. He would be in charge of crime. So would the HR Director be? I am going back to the guy who sang, because now I am totally confused, "hit me with your rhythm stick, hit me, hit me." I have never met such a group of people as some in HR!

So let me revert my decision, my new Deputy Chief Constable would be Freddie Mercury up there, because I love him, and we should be able to love our DCC's. So folks, what initiatives do you think some of these people would bring to the table in relation to ASBO's, fixed penalty tickets, sanctioned detection's, Area Management meetings, etc. etc.etc.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

I love this man!

People laugh at Monty Panesar’s fielding. Some say his batting is weak, but this man and his colleague Mahmood have done wonders for race relations and, er-hum, English cricket of course. I say, if Geoff Boycott likes him, then I do too. Some even Laugh at Monty's "comical" celebrations, but they criticise his celebration. That is just how you would celebrate if you were in East Africa let me tell you. I find him hilariously funny. At work, I told colleagues that Monty reminded me of the character in the film, "The Jewel of the Nile", he was the Jewel, and Monty is a Jewel.

You know the film with Michael Douglas and Sharon Stone and that comical short fellow from the film Matilda. Me, I laugh with Monty, not at him. He has brought the wonderful game of English cricket to life with his enigmatic celebrations. Go Monty Go. Yo Monty, Yo Monty. This man will make such a difference to marginalised youth. I have to say that those Islamic people that referrred to Mahmood as a traitor, were not only out of order, but racist. Why? Because they could not deal with their own prejudices. Go Mahmood, go. These guys will be a Force in English cricket. I reckon I saw Monty on the motorway, but cannot be sure. The number plate on a Merc, a bloody big Merc, it read M8 NTY I think, damnded if I'm checking PNC though. No way!

Help - I need somebody?

Today at work I had had enough. The powers to be waiting to have a go at me. My team consist of police officers and police staff. My question is, how does one motivate police staff? Help, I need somebody. Help, not just anybody, heeelp! Or was that a yelp?

In a CMC type department one person today suggested that the job had changed them. They were down and out. The negativity got into a bundle of happiness, not! I then spoke to the Police Officers in my team and took time off. I escaped, for a few hours. Is it me I wonder?

Friday, November 24, 2006

Celebrate the lives of...

How do we carry on? 2 Asian men were slashed. A Black man was shot dead in a revenge attack in the West Midlands. Then there was a drive by shooting of an Asian household. We heard the tears of the grieving father of the Black child asking for "no more" revenge attacks.

We can only carry on; the title is not tongue in cheek at all, but deliberate. We must celebrate the lives of Stephen Lawrence, this other lad, forgive me I do not know his name, and the 15 year old White Scottish lad whose life was also taken by racists. We must remember as if these were our own children.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Inspector Hepworth - Deal or No deal

All, I am taking guesses, I am not a gambling man really aprt from the lottery, which I don't seem to win, but where, as in what department, not what Force, does this man work? He has criticised police blogs, I think quite unfairly.

But really do police blogs cause problems or are they the way forward? Looking at Gadget, and others, I think they are great.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Stealth racism, tokenism and academic racism

New, academic and intelligent racism is what it is known as. Some describe it as "stealth" racism, but those that have ridiculed the recommendations of the Macpherson and Cantle Reports simply continue to deny the existence of any form of racism.

Our police leaders and leaders of most public sector organisations know full well that racism is outside of their experience, and the public sector, e.g. Social services, NHS, the Home office, etc are the worst culprits for this breed of racism, and believe me, it is abhorrent. Their denial is their incompetence.

On the one hand their leaders sell to the community their race and diversity strategies as encompassing diversity, yet on the other some individuals inside these organisations that are supposed to own the principles behind race equality, simply refuse to do so.

On the other hand they fight tribunals vociferously and with power. Racism is not the same as being different because one is left handed or because one is deaf. Issues such as what hand one write with or one’s difficulty in listening can be hidden well, and just as racism is, these issues our based upon what the "other" actually observes in those that have these difficulties. Indeed most people will not consider it a detriment to employ a left-handed person or someone that is deaf. Employing and promoting intelligent Black people that are seen to stand up for their rights, however, is a big no no, so why not marginalise them.

One does no suggest that people simply always deliberately undermine intelligent Black people, some do, others however just will not allow Black intelligent people the freedom they deserve. Racism is in your face. As the example of Ali Dilzaie has shown one cannot be Black, intelligent and attractive, But Black people are hardly able to camouflage their appearance, and where they have, like Michael Jackson, they are ridiculed further. Racism is simply outside of the interest, understanding and experience of not only current police leaders, but of the leaders of other public sector organisations and of faith organisations also.

Do some Muslim and Indian people care about anything but "their own?" Yet these are the people the service largely consults with. For example, the initial reaction towards Macpherson from some inside the police was shock that the police had been found out. Upto this point the police service kept this taboo hidden. The secret Policeman Documentary was no different. Initially the shock of real evidence of racism inside the police was enough to put Police Leaders on a back foot. Some still think it can never happen in our back yard, but does it not happen everywhere?

Not only are departments able to deselect those individuals with a "racialised" experience who are considered radical, "vociferous", "intelligent." But these and others departments are also able to then choose which Black colleagues they wish to do business with. The choice for Black people is therefore very clear, acquiesce and you will progress, toe the party line and things will be fine. Many Black people simply toe the line, and they are loved and listened to because they simply state what Managers wish to hear. But at some stage after dealing with and supporting Black colleagues that have experienced racism, these same colleagues might just stand up, and when they do, they no longer are a safe pair of hands.

All of a sudden these once trusted individuals begin to speak outside of the majority norm, and so development in race relations in most public sector organisations is actually rather surreal, the reality is strategies and policies have had little impact on the attitudes and behaviours that cause racism. Of course any blame must lie with Leadership because these leaders refuse to acknowledge that they are actually dealing with something they cannot understand. Of course racism is about feelings, it is about attitudes, some of it is about behaviours, and only a small proportion is about perception. Yet, what organisational leaders do is blow this perception angle out of all proportion. The truth is that anyone that expresses that they are experiencing racism is actually experiencing racism but leaders just dismiss this as perceptions.

The problem with strategies and policies are that young marginalised Black people and minorities have grown up with the experience of racism and they can very acutely see through these organisational falcities. But leaders simply think these kids are unintelligent. A further problem with this inside policing is these same Black people will identify Black colleagues that are "tokenistic" and are used by the organisation in this way. For a police organisation and for society falseness led to the race riots of the 1980’s, falseness led to the riots in the North and continued falseness will end in the same place.

But for an organisation that wishes to embrace anti racism and diversity there is a way forwards, and that way is to incorporate a structural overhaul and principles of honesty with the community. But oh how this remains a distant dream. And in short, "stealth racism" is about us saying we are achieving when actually behind the scenes we do everything to ensure anti racism does not succeed. This is about getting personal with racism, racists and bigots.

Friday, November 03, 2006

What planet are they on?

I was recently walking into the canteen, having started bloody early, I was hungry. And then I see a senior officer. I wanted to just avoid them. They have no concept. People must think I eat so much. He flanked me, hovered, ooo I thought. I knew it, he then asked me about the discontent within the department I worked in.

I advised him that change causes discontent, that this is something colleagues must accept, that colleagues were a little peed of with the fact that they were not being remunerated for the changes in their function, and that we needed more staff. I then sat down to eat. The senior officer sat down with his senior colleagues. I have bat ears you see.

I heard the colleague say, "I was just getting some inside information" or something similar. Yeah right...........What planet ere they on? (Number 1 engage.)

They must think we are deaf, Black and unintelligent! His team was the boy's brigade I think, the senior think tank.....Are these people capable of being honest I wondered? Probably not.

That person just spoilt my desire for chips.....