Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Who is Rajinder Singh?

This is Rajindeer Singh. He gave a character reference for Nick Griffin at Griffin't recent trial.

Singh supports the BNP. He now lives in India. He is the only open Sikh person to support the BNP. (Twining says this is a blessing that there is only one.)

Singh considers the burqa and hijab a political ‘gimmick’ used by Muslims but defended the turban as an ‘essential’ religious requirement. (Twining is not saying that in this current climate where some criminals who are male have evaded custody by wearing the hijab is not problematic. But come on Mr Singh each to their own, including the Turban, which I rather like.)

Singh states immigrants are a drain on British resources. (Twining asked Mr Singh whether he was born in England and whether he was ever an immigrant? Singh's response, "Er well.")

He is a retired school teacher. Oh my God thinks Twining!

He doesn’t care about the whole BNP package. (Twining says so it doesn’t really matter that Nick Griffin encited racial hatred. Bar a turban Mr Singh do you think a BNP thug could tell the difference between a group of Sikh young men and a group of Muslim young men? Singh's answer, "Er well.")

He dismissed the party’s anti-Asian ideology as a perception created by the media. (Twining says, so Mr Singh, none of those responsible for assaults on Asian youth are supporters of the BNP? At this point Singh left in a huff.)

Singh admits multiculturalism does work and is proved in the resounding success of Asian businessmen in Britain. But he saw nothing wrong with the BNP’s opposition to it. (Twining says er nice one Mr Singh! Not.)

He likens Islam to Nazis in Germany. (Twining shouts to Singh who is leaving the country, Mr Singh, none of the BNP have fascist tendencies do they? Singh sticks two fingers up at Twining.) In short perhaps Singh is ignorant to the core, but the BNP have used him to their benefit.

New Slavery

These are the dynamics of the police organisation an d how they deal with Black people that challenge. Indeed perhaps anyone that challenges! None of this can be imagined but it’s absoulutely true. This has happened to a colleague just yesterday. BLACK PEOPLE SELLING BLACK PEOPLE - new slavery I call it!

  1. Thr organisation must isolate the Black person that challenges totally.

  2. If this person writes to the organisation and you are a Chief Officer, even if the organisation is to blame, blame that Black person first! Then circulate your response about blaming them to the Senior Team so that everyone knows that the person that has challenged is not a safe pair of hands.

  3. Do not expect anyone from the Senior Team to stand against anyone else from the Senior team. As a manager, be happy thet the team is with you. Therefore isolate the Black person further.

  4. Then in the memo that you as the Chief Officer write to the Black person invite the person that challenged up for a coffee, after you have criticised them of course.

  5. Take no responsibility as a SMT at all for organisational faults.

  6. In the meantime as an organisation identify other Black colleagues to mentor from a Senior perspective. It matters not that these persons might themselves have practised racism or whether they are truly incompetent in race. It matters not that the whole community know just how incompetent these people are. These Officers are known by the Twining term Sell outs.

  7. If you are the person that challenges, get ready for a fight. As a manager from SMT when the fight happens bring on those mentioned in point 6 above to say actually nothing is wrong, therby causing confusion. God help us! You could not make this up......

British National Party member said...

Actually, Africans were the first to have slaves. When we went to the continent, we just did what the Muslims were already doing; we bought the black slaves off the black owners.

Black in Blue said...

Your welcome here as long as you keep racism away. Irrespective of what the African people were doing in THIER own country, we, the West, economically then abused them. Maybe there was an economic arguement, but to then set in scientific theories of supremacy that Black people were inferior was RACISM. I am afraid you cannot justify ecomonic aims and racism TODAY. Anyway, this is about now. The colonials are still doing the same INSIDE THE POLICE. Yep and we are buying Black people now, AND THESE ARE OFFICERS.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Vicious Attack

Copyright with Inspector Gadget

One year on, PC Daniel Coffill is still in a vegetative state and needs round-the-clock care.Now the despicable yobs responsible for this tragedy have both had their original sentences reduced. But while Jack Turner and Lance Samuels can expect to return to society in less than five years, the reality is very different for PC Coffill and members of his family. Describing her son’s existence as an "empty shell", Margaret Gardhouse says there is very little chance her son will ever recover. She feeds him through a straw. Turner and Samuels will soon be walking the streets again, while a promising police career is over and a family left devastated. ‘If it had been the judges father, brother, husband or boyfriend who crossed paths with these animals, would we have had today’s decision?’. Turner and Samuels spat at PC Coffill’s car, punched him and then kicked him as he lay unconscious before fleeing. Mind you, if he had managed to fight back the IPCC would have probably ‘had’ him anyway..You could not make this up. ALL PLEASE PUBLICISE THIS LUNACY AND SUPPORT PC COFFILL. WHAT IS THE GOVERNMENT DOING? WHAT IS THE JUSTICE SYSTEM DOING? WHAT ARE OUR MANAGERS DOING?

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Hmm - speaking out - against the BNP

  1. This blog is categorically an anti racist blog. I write this blog to help people understand the issues in race and diversity and I have recieved encouraging feedback from colleagues that I don't play lip service and I care.

  2. Having challenged the views of a BNP member on DC's blog I have been subjected to all forms of accusations, and abuse, one accusation suggests I am racist. Let's deal with that first. I am not.

  3. I am respected in the field of policing and have campaigned against racism all my career and before. So if anyone wants to look closely at me, please feel free, but I will take wild accusations very seriously. I have have positive contact with The Archbishop of York, and with Yasmin-Alibhai Brown and other respected national journalists as well as The First Post. So look at me closely.

  4. It has been suggested that I am trying to incite racial hatred. I would suggest the contributors that are making these wild accusations are either anonymous or give names like Michael and Roger, themselves have hatred in mind.

  5. None of the views contained in my writing in this blog are racist.

  6. I suppose to some I am dangerous, as it is being suggested. Of course it's dangerous to have an intelligent Black or Asian man wearing the queen's uniform who stands up against any form of racism. It's dangerous for racists.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

New GONG from Twining


Friday, February 23, 2007

Transfer crimes - ewwww! NCRS

Picture this. Force A is the Metroplitan police, a big place, big, big, big. The suspect lives in Force A and phones his brother who lives in Force B, (Shireshire). Without telling everything there are other issues which give cause for concern that actually the suspect might just turn up in Shireshire, although he did not. The suspect then makes a pretty nasty threat to kill his brother over the phone, ewwwwwwww! At the time of making the call we have no idea where the suspect is. He could be in London or in Essex, or round the corner in Shireshire. NCRS state that if we know the location of the suspect at the time of the crime then we record the crime at that location. Can you see the Met wanting this one? Oh really I said. Since we did not know where the suspect was at the time of the threats to kill, we should record in Shireshire. The registrar, BOO HOO, overruled, and said we have to transfer this. Will the Met have this do you think? Am I wrong? BOO HOOO HOOO!

Gun Crime - THE FACTS

I have been dared because I am Black in Blue, in a good way, to consider why we have Black on Black gun crime. And allegedly and apparently if I get this right I might be revered as an Englishman.

As loathed, as I am to say this, I do believe the following to be true. We will always have a lower order in society, that is the way of life. I am certainly not calling Black people the lowest order.

That is not what I mean. We will always have crime and people will compete for criminal territory, and drugs I am afraid, certainly, drug supply, and street crime are pretty ethnic related at the moment. As I understand the people that are committing Black on Black gun crime are a part of rival gangs. What do gangs do?

They commit crime and in the world of animals and man, the fittest and strongest survive. However, the problem is innocent victims get caught up in this as criminals lay out their turf, identifying their fierce streaks so people fear them.

In terms of ethnicity, the Eastern European community is now coming in to deal with turf and prostitution, but how do we stop marginalised youth with nothing becoming embroiled in gun crime? As long as there is a marginalised community for every one you take away, another will take their place. Can we stop drug crime? No.

So all we can do is try and proactively control gun and drug crime. We can also try and control the sale of imitation firearms that are easily convertible, but the Black market will always exist. Our best bet must be gathering intelligence on gangs and taking out these individuals. This will be an arduous task.

We need to also control the sale of knives because if gun crimes fall, violent knife crimes will probably increase. Anonymous I don't hate you...damn you.... Music and rap artists have a role too, to make gun and knife crime uncool, the best we can achieve is to reduce gun and knife crime I am afraid for as long as there is crime there will be these types of crime also. Anonymous are you happy now? Am I an Englishman? And I forgot to talk about the Triads. What if the Triads meet the Drug barons. Gun crime suggests to me people are marking out their turfs and any boss that thinks single crewing is the answer in the Met, in West Mids, in Greater Manchester, in Notts is not a boss at all, but a puppet. Can I say that? From a policing perspective there can be no "no go" areas. we need to show our presence and we need to ensure rough estates are policed, not over handedly, but we should not close our eyes to crime or criminality.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Twining calls for police to say no to the BNP

I have posted this on David Copperfield's blog. I do not care whether you are Black, White, pink or yellow, thes message is the same. "I have to say to the BNP, what you stand for is as ulgy as some Islamic fundamentalists. Nick Griffin is as bad as some of the extremist Islamic preachers I have heard. You, the BNP, are the ugly and distasteful side of racism. And you do not believe in live and let live. You have exploited the situation in the 1970's, you have exploited the situation today in Oldham, Burnley, etc. It was your sort of followers that took the life of Stephen Lawrence and Walker and it is you that cause revenge attacks in return. Whilst I believe in freedom of speech I have no time for you, because you really care in what you deem as your own. The sooner you folks go, wherever, Nick Griffin and his young cronies, the better. Your politics are based on bigtory and hatred. You look for the young who take the fall, yet your academics walk away, just as do fundamentalists. Do you see now how much in common you have with terrorism? The police service will stand up to you of that I have no doubt, but is there any group you folks try not to infiltrate? DC please, barring freedom of speech, we do not need people like this here, unless they are going to give up their hatred. You have to make a stand. Show them that the police service as a whole is anti racist. " If you agree wit me in saying No to the BNP please add your voice, and pass this on to colleagues and freinds please. Let's tell the UK we are anti racist. LET'S get this article up in numbers please.

Gun Crime - What all Inspectors might be doing?

By Order of The Twining Act 2007, Section 3 relates to the posession and use of Firearms:

  1. Where gun crimes is a problem Inspectors to proactively double deploy. Best value goes out of the window here.

  2. LIO's are to identify the types of areas where offender smight carry firearms, clubs, street corners, schools, etc. Consider deployment of dedicated Police Officers in high schools. Home Office bods do not have a clue.

  3. Increase the use of dedicated armed patrols to support unarmed officers.

  4. Expect an increase in the use of powers to search supported by on site armed officers and other dedicated personnel, e.g. dog units. Be aware that this may mean more Black people are stopped. Therefore it is critical that officers don't use this to practice prejudices and some do.

  5. A drop in the age in legislation might put younger people away, but other people will simply replace them if this is about gang and turf wars. I am afraid reducing the age is just another Colonial answer. The answer is not necessarily therefore in age legislation.

  6. The answer lies in combatting the crimes associated with gun crime and addressing the reason why these youths are carrying guns. Putting them away may just "harden" them or lead to their death. And Black deaths in custidy are alseady an issue of concern. CUSTDOY includes the prison service anD based on what happened to a MUBARAK this is not the way forward.

  7. Also, ban the manufacture, and sale of replica weapons that are easily converitble.

  8. Ban the idea of holding a father responsible and ask Cameron to go back, have another spliff and reconsider this . This is a ludicrous idea. Realise that Cameron is very anti police.

Here-with and today I pass this section of the Twining Act

by order of me, Section 3.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

In all seriousness...

Black on Black gun crime

I said I would write my thoughts on the issues of gun crime and the Black community. Whatever we think there is no doubt in my mind working in Shire shire that it must be a nightmare and a difficult one to police certain areas of London, of the West Mids, of Greater Manchester and Nottingham. Black on Black gun crime is not a joke, though it might be to SMT's and I don’t think most readers of this blog view this type of crime as a joke. Whichever way I look at this problem intelligence is key. Who we stop? Youths gathering in areas. This is all key.

This type of crime is currently not just about drug crime. It appears to be as much about a fashion statement of what it is to be "hard" within the Black community. Often victims of these crimes are doing nothing wrong and this is the sad state of affairs of this type of crime.

We cannot afford "no go areas" in any one of the cities that we are talking about, where some offenders routinely carry these firearms. If they are prepared to use these guns on innocent victim’s that are Black to show their "manliness" and power in a geographical area they are marking their turf. What else will follow? There will come a time when they will also turn on innocent police officers who do not have the ready access to firearms.

Therefore more firearm patrols is not a "no option." Expect an increase in routine firearm patrols, but again this does nothing for the lone PBO walking their beat or the lone Officer patrolling their car on these areas. If these officers are challenged who will be there to call the job in? Or will it simply be too late. If I was an Inspector in charge of these Areas I would double patrol. There is no other way.

It is absurd that managers thing in these areas it is acceptable to patrol lone. Reassurance patrol is important. Our managers are so tied up within themselves that they have not even realised the nature of this growing problem within the Black community. There is anger and frustration. Are some of the offenders recent immigrants? If so, why do they behave in this way? What about the victims? Are they vulnerable? Why do kids get drawn into this? What are we doing to prevent this culture?

How we take these areas out of the "no go" zone into a state of protection is in the hands of every PC and Sergeant policing these areas, but it is also in the hands of SMT’s and local councils.

Taking discretion away and annoying people by issuing tickets, people that are already marginalised by society, only frustratrates them more, yet SMT’s want detection’s and tickets.

Friday, February 16, 2007

urgent press release - Commissioner holds.....

Operation trident meeting - am 15/02/07

Following the death of a third Black teenager in South London in the last few weeks the Commissioner is said to have organised a very urgent top level meeting involving himself, the Senior officer responsible for Crime, the officer in charge of Operation TRIDENT, the Senior Commander responsible for Peckham, the Race Officer and his DACC's, one of whom is Tariq Ghaffur. John Reid is said to be preparing an urgent visit to Peckham. What happens next? What follows is an extract of the conversation? The meeting is sat around the round table. Picture this. The Commissioner is wearing an Afro wig as Tariq Ghaffur walks in.

Commissioner: "Tariq, come in come in."

Tariq: "What the .... Is this a joke? What is he wearing?"

Race Officer: "You have to look at the bigger picture."

Commissioner: "Will someone please tell me what we can do."

Race officer: "Think outside the box."

Tariq: (mumbles, "Who bought this incompetent in, Dufus. Oops I know, the Commissioner employed her.")

Staff Officer: "You can't call the Commissioner that."

Tariq: "I can."

Staff Officer: "No you can't."

Tariq: "Can, can, can." (A fight then begins between the two, Tariq pushes the Staff Officer, and the Commissioner duly issues a PND and gains a vital sanctioned detection).

Commissioner: "Who, what? How does my hair look Lad", smiling at the Staff Officer."

Staff Officer: "You look fine Sir."

ACC: "He's ignoring Tariq again, hey so, Let's all ignore Tariq. God that Staff Officer looks good. Doesn't she?"

Tariq: "Trident Sir, is Black on Black crime. You have to look at why these people are committing these crimes, and who these people are. "

Race Officer: "But, but."

Commissioner: (falls asleep.)

I will add a more serious article re: this issue because we all can do our bit, and that is all anyone is asking. ...We can do our bit to protect all peoples.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Keeping those ethnics in check - revised internal policy

By Order of the Twining Act 2007, section 2, I here-by authorise myself, Chief Constable Twining, to produce 10 vital protocols to keep the BPA and NBPA in check. These protocols have served since well, around 1995, and they have worked well for me. Pass these protocols forthwith within your Forces and beyond and keep some radicals in check innit.

  1. Don't let the BPA into any meeting surrounding race equality.

  2. Simply ignore any emails or letters that you recieve. They will simply go away if you keep shtmmmm for long enough.

  3. Even if the BPA do get in to a meeting that you have banned them from then have a pre-meeting to discuss their attendance. Ensure the minutes to such meetings are innacurate always. Shoo shoo.

  4. Fully control the funding of the BPA. Give them no more than £500 per annum and make it absoutely clear that under no circumstances are they to use the limited £500 funding to support any legal claims whatsoever.

  5. Only release "sell outs", cough cough, to serve on the NBPA. That way you can be sure that they will leak information to you and you can control them as well as your local BPA.

  6. Make sure that the NBPA deals with any troublesome ethnics that you have in your Force. The troublesome one's will end up challenging the NBPA, allowing us free time to do what we do best, NOTHING! No change mean no gains for others and more gain for me and you of course.

  7. Tap all phones. Tap all phones to ensure there are no terrorists anywhere.

  8. Recruit a BPA co-ordinator. Make sure he drinks like a fish and is unable to stand up or talk coherently in meetings. Send these persons on jolies abroad to keep them out of your way.

  9. Promote "tokens", i.e those that have not a clue, and are incompetent. That way they can do your PR for you and when things go wrong you can always blame someone else.

  10. Finally if all else fails, sack them all, all of them, dismiss them. Work well with HR. Choose you HR Director well. I say refuse them entry. Yes the HRD, refuse them.

By order of me, Chief Constable Twining, (Lord), I order the Chief Officers of the 43 force of England and Wales to here-by adopt this policy and actions immediately. I say immediately.

Chief Constable Twining, (Feb 2007),


Monday, February 12, 2007

OK Which Force owns one of these?

I have always wanted one of these damn it. The Met have BMW's, erm, even Kent has BMW's, some Forces have Vauxhalls and some have Lada's, but which Chief Constable has authorised the purchase of a, erm C class because he, or oo she, deserves a Twining Gong?

Friday, February 02, 2007

PC Frankyfact - for you

Her time has come.
Her legacy is well, numb...Now Della is GOING.
I can hear ACPO MOANING.

Though she will be remembered As the Chief among women.
Who brought in that SHOWER?
Bloody hell a new meeting room,
and well those FLOWERS....
She smelt sweet, ánd her FEET,
well they...SMELT.
Thats why she felt faint.
She would grace her SMT's meetings.
With an iron ROD, and COD,
and chips of course.
She didnt mind top cops eating,
Chinese takeaways and curry's.
She liked her Mcdonald's,her pizza, her Ronald...
Our Della also loved STELLA...
Oh really,
But did she behave like a fella?
RESPECT innit.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

This post is dedicated to busybizzie

busybizzie said... "Hey Twining,What did you think of David Cameron saying some Muslim groups are a mirror image of groups such as the BNP? Sounded fair enough to me." 31 January, 2007 Busy erm, well, erm can I just start off by saying, (politicians and Senior officer answer), you need to see the bigger picture, be mindful of what you are saying, blah, blah blah. I hope that answers your question Bizzie and thanks. The NBPA's answer, (zilch - nowhere to be seen on contentious issues unless they can gain career points). Now, Twining's answer is much the same as yours. And twining says you should say it as you see it, so if someone doesn't like you because of your Western Values and they promote you as the infodel because you are a non believer, then EUSTON, we have a muticultural damn problem. There are two clear positions, racist or anti racist, there is no middle ground. Nick Griffin and co, (BNP) are bad. Extremist Muslim groups of the type we saw on Dispatches are just the same. Who is david Camerspliff anyway? Isn't that the hug the hoody politician that admitted smoking "yipee" and rides his bike to school? Anyway Bizzie we have a unique role, we shouldn't be scared of saying to people, "you are racist," but we are. Some in the Islamic community view the other as infodels. Therefore I am an infodel or inferior. The hell I am. Equally there are many many moderate Muslims who integrate.The choice is simple, integrate or suffer racism. Bizzie, who can we give a Twining gong to? Did I tell you I was once considered Anti Islamic and virtually booted from the BPA? I cared about all, thats why I joined the BPA. I don't see much difference between you and me, other than the obvious bit, male female like. I would rather you folks were with us but until the NBPA is anti racist it won't happen I guess. I am so sure you're in Shire shire....Are you? Anyway this is better than a diversity course right....